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'Body Language Protocol'
Increase Mather XXI Wonders about being Hunted by Three: 5/11/21
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Comment by Increase Mather XXI
This is beyond fascinating. What would one do if a group of, say, 3 were 'sounding one out' for possible attack? What would be the body language protocol?
Thank you for your interest in whatever article this comment came from.
To your question, Sir, lets go with three stages:
-Pack Aggression Cues
-Defensive Body Language Protocol
-Counter Measures
I have survived scores of these attacks, the most harrowing being 4 Groes deciding, on the way across the Middle River Bridge at 11:00 PM, on their way to Gussie's Liquors and my way past them to Gersebecks Grocery where I worked, to waylay me off the cuff!
I think the story is in the book, White in the Savage Night.
Let's deal in generalities here, with some specific notes. For instance, in 2017, while sick and injured and fat, three hale and healthy 30-year-old redneck carpenters decided to threaten me with a recreational beating, while they drove to work with just bought Dunkin' Doughnuts coffee in their hands, at Stemmers Run and Eastern Boulevard, at about 5 AM, when I was coming from the above-mentioned job.
The Groes were dealing with the Mythic White Devil of Yore, their superstitious minds agape at my apparent fearlessness. The rednecks knew I was a broke old runt and probably wanted to vent their rage on me for being out on foot among the savages who they had to buy their drugs from and suffer the indignity of a dark master. It has been my experience that when dark drug dealers take over an area, that some pale drug buyers seek to vent their rage on older, smaller, lone pale squares to repair their pride after having a handgun shoved in their face along with the suggestion of submissive gay sex and the naming of them as a “white bitch.”
Thus, as the Goboment imports more and more Groes to patrol your local streets, threats will come not just from them, but from the emasculated, working dope fiends who buy drugs from them under humiliating conditions.
Pack Aggression Cues
Upon sighting you in order of escalation:
-1. One nods, motions or speaks to the others.
-2. They change formation.
-3. They change directions to follow you.
-4. They change directions to intercept you.
-5. One asks you a question.
-6. One makes a demand.
-7. One makes a threat.
-8. There is a change in attire or wear pattern, like pulling up hood, zipping or unzipping hoody, pocketing hands in hoody or pocket.
-9. An effort is made to close distance.
-10. An effort is made to corner you.
Note that most of the above are common police behavior patterns signifying aggression in progress. Study cops in action, as they often use the same tactics and demonstrate the same behaviors as criminals.
Defensive Body Language Protocol
-1. Round down your shoulders.
-2. Lower your chin.
-3. Spider walk your hands, down by your hips, rolling and fanning fingers to ready them for action.
-4. Observe the enemy obliquely from under eye brows without raising chin or making direct eye contact, keeping their hands and hips, and especially movement of hands to hips, in focus.
-5. Do not answer questions or comments.
-6. Pretend you are deaf and do not stop or look up or startle in response to their escalated comments or actions.
-7. Walk past or away from them at a 45 degree angle, only making this much of an angular adjustment. Do not make a 90 or 180 evasion. You are not trying to get away, because you cannot. You are seeking an advantage, high ground, a pole to put your back to, a brick or trash can lid or chunk of wood.
-8. Seek an available improvised weapon before deploying your own, so that you take that weapon out of their arsenal and keep your carry weapon as a back up.
-9. Watch their feet and hips and hands from a side glance as you scan the ground for weapons and footing cues.
-10. Before two paces of contact you must place a weapon in your hand, while not brandishing it but obscuring it from behind your hip. Do not make eye contact unless you have decided to kill them. If not, raise your focus to their center of mass and ready for contact. Continuing to move away if possible.
Counter Measures
-1. Remaining silent is your most important challenge.
-2. Remain moving if possible.
-3. If you are cornered, wait for them to move and then move towards the closest foe.
-4. If he is in the middle do not meet him directly, but on the side of your empty hand, so that you may post off of him, using him to block the far side man, and as a spring board to get to the near side man. If he is a flanker, put him between you and both of his comrades.
-5. If you make contact you must wound at least two.
-6. Do not grapple, kick or punch, but move as you shoot, whip [1] stab, slash or club the enemy. With three guys there is one knife. Grappling, punching and kicking set you up for stabbing.
-7. When you are struck, strike back as you improve your position. Do not stand your ground, but take their ground.
-8. Do not chase broken and running foes.
-9. Attend to fallen foes by stomping their ankles and removing a shoe and tossing it on a roof. Then, break both thumbs or forefingers so they will not be able to come back on you with a gun. Drill this post combat action so you can stomp and ankle, take off and toss a shoe and break at least one thumb in under 10 seconds. Count to ten. Do not spend more then 10 seconds disabling a downed foe. Attending downed victims of your unprovoked rampage will keep PIGZ busy for a while.
-10. Run away, hide, change your clothes, leave town and tell no one. The PIGZ will seek to avenge their allies in the holy quest for your extinction. Act accordingly.
-1. With a jacket, shirt, antenna, strap, bungy cord, hose, belt or rope aimed at the eyes of the lead man.
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