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Penetration by Ingo Swann: 5/6/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
Special Edition
The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy
2020 Swann-Ryder Productions, 267 pages
This review only covers the first 77 pages of the book.
I have ZERO interest in UFOs and nearly as little interest in remote viewing and other forms of ESP or psychic powers.
Electric Dan gave me this book, thought I would find something useful in it. Indicating his strong belief in the utility of this book for the dissident mind, Dan asked me to pass it along to someone who might hold an interest in this, who would actually read the book. I intend to meet that man this afternoon, Jason, Psychearch of the Esoteric Cafe.
I read the first section of Penetration on May 1 at the Chicago Union Station, amid mass mind control chaos, punctuated by public demonstrations of insanity. I reread this section last night, as I sat up medicated with an eye seizure so bad that I could not lay my head down.
Brief Outline
As a psychic remote viewer, Ingo was contacted by cryptic or plutocratic persons to conduct viewings. This involved meeting strange twins with flash cards directing him from public locations, to hidden blind folded transport locations, observation of his activities and an eventual ghosting by his contacts. I have had such experiences, minus the blind folding. Cryptic persons have offered to fly me out of the nation, and to illegally transport me to Canada and Mexico.
Here is what I find of interest, with Ingo Swann’s quotes followed by my notations.
(definitions of)
-5) To discover the inner meaning or contents of
-6) To pierce something with the eye or mind;
-7) Having the power of entering, piercing or pervading;
-8) The act of entering so that actual establishment of influence is accomplished.”
These higher definitions are reflected in:
-5) science [lower understanding]
-6) art [higher understanding]
-7) policing & crime, TV and movie narrative [mind management preparation]
-8) news media and social media [manipulation of the managed mind]
“...I join a very long list of those who have seen and experienced things they cannot prove happened.”
-page 1
“ challenges those echelons of conventional credibility that lasciviously get off on deconstructing those unfortunates who experience what they can’t prove...thus suspending them in doubt.”
-page 2
“...the methodical suppression of Psi by high echelons such as represented by government, science, academia and media.”
-page 3
These latter four institutions are our social steerage cults.
Swann is concerned with the social mechanics of perceptual negation, which, in its crudest and most effective forms recently included media gaslighting, as reporters stood before burning buildings in 2020 and declared the causal protests “peaceful.” Gaslighting achieves mesmerism of the slavish and spiritually lower educated portion of humanity and afflicts incompletely-educated humans with anger, rage, alienation and reactionary delusion. Writing in the 1990s, Swann understood, before most dissident thinkers, that Western Civilization, or Modernity, is at its core a full-spectrum negation mechanism, a means of erasing identity from macro to micro: down from racial, social, familial identity as well as individual and even internal identity.
“I introduce two unusual terms: EARTHSIDE and SPACESIDE.”
-page 3
Such a view would not offend the ancients. See Ovid’s Metamorpheses. The modern mind has been stripped of external notions of divinity and must be able to imagine aliens in flying saucers using technology to explain what ancients accepted as beyond their ken, though Ovid and Homer do describe the gods as employing mechanical flying devices.
“ personal unprovable experiences…”
-page 4
Swann has been barred from contact with most rational thinkers via the replacement of our social ethos, which was once based on religious scriptures and is now based in legalistic strictures.
A UFO sighting attested to by a Soviet general, demonstrates the lies by omission used by Our Modernity Stewards, such as the omission from Columbus’ accounts of the unexplained visual phenomena over the Atlantic in 1492.
“...that Earthsiders and Spacesiders didn’t seem to have much in common with the exception of telepathy...the development of telepathy is suppressed Earthside...over twenty publishers turned it down...”
-page 5
Julius Evola discusses this rare intersection of human and divine occurring in war at convergence points, indicated in the figures of Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Enoch, Jakob, Moses, Joshua, Herakles and Samson. In Wolfe’s Litany of the Long Sun, he posits that among many divinities, to include artificially intelligent systems of social control and cosmic gods, that only one deity “The Outsider” dines to contact a psychic soul.
Note that all major publishers declined to publish Confessions of an Economic Hitman, pushing that author to migrate to Swann’s metaphysical fringe.
“...Psi research subjects (guinea pigs) are nonentities who are expected to exhibit Psi manifestations...the job of knowing, thinking, supposing belongs to the researchers...boredom is deadly in Psi research…”
-page 8
Swann points out here the basis for the Modern Managerial Society, that actionists are not to make decisions at any level. Actionist is not a word according to this program I type with, yet actor is, meaning to pretend, when actor once meant to do. This control frame he describes from the view of the frustrated emotive in a cold evidentiary sphere has been obliterated by the cultivation of entertainment-based learning in modernity.
Younger men who are active readers have asked me for the best guide to how power works in human society. That guide is, The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbon. However, all four young readers have been unable to tolerate this work as a read or a listen, due to the older and fuller use of the English language and the repetition of executive activity, all claiming to have been bored to tears by this most fascinating and insightful work, written with wit. This is an example of how our reduced language, of shorthand didactics replacing thought, and above all our cultivation as entertained and thus easily bored spectators, has barred most of us from concourse with our predecessors.
“...of that mighty river called ‘prevailing opinion’ which could damage even high reputations in the Washington maze.”
-page 14
This statement betrays USG accurately as a mesmerism collective charged with planting, nursing, triggering and steering herd instincts and delusions among the subjects of USG. For instance, the delusion that USG, which has soldiers in almost every nation on earth, is a beleaguered font of goodness under constant attack by the militant forces of evil and tyranny, held by roughly half of America, with the other half believing this global cocoon of goodness to be a noble end that has thus far failed to achieve the purity it is capable of. Both sides of this deluded bi-polar collective fail to see the obvious truth that all nation states through history have been predatory mechanisms.
“...most people notice very little...characteristics of good psychics is their fascination of observing everything they can, in detail. Powers of observing seem to act as a launch pad to higher forms of perception…”
-page 28
Swann’s recollections becoming strikingly vivid as he is manipulated by the people who recruit him with a promise of big pay and important and meaningful work. The following statement was in regard to two of his handlers who he called “the twins.”
“...”entrainment”… a word used to describe people who have been subjected to some mind-managing so that they begin to think, act, and even, I guess, look alike.”
-page 29
Swann was an observational genius. I shall leave it to those interested to pursue his work. I intend to give this book unfinished to Jason and hope in the future to use audio-books of Swann’s work.
What follow are some quotes I marked in my first reading:
“...if one talks about things people do not understand, then they lose interest.”
-page 30
Thus the genius of American Academia and Media, of lying by omission.
“...people tend to operate on feedback, they tend to forget about stuff that never achieves the feedback...most people forget (and avoid) whatever does not fit with consensus realities.”
-page 46
The genius of social media as a behavioral construct.
“...conspiracies erecting invisible prisons into which human abilities were incarcerated and destroyed.”
-page 53
The most concise summation of the managerial society.
“we explain what we do not understand THROUGH whatever we think we DO understand.”
-page 76
Thus any establishment of a false reality, such as only Africans were ever enslaved, serves to warp, twist, distort and cloak future realities, unto real time, in the minds of the entrained herd of subhuman ciphers who necessarily populate a democracy.
Thank you, Dan.
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