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Sexless Young Men & Neo-Puritans
Achilleas and the Crackpot Discuss the Sissy: 8/1/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
[The reader for the Aryаs Project expresses some concern that a subject of this email might launch a law suit. So, I am redacting the identity of that party.]
Mr. LaFond I am currently reading your "Sons of Aryаs" book and I find it amazing so far. I will finish it by next week and I can't wait to write what I think about it. You have been an inspiration, through and through, be it your books or your martial arts journey.
I am sending you this email as I would like some "LaFondian" analysis on what I am about to tell you below. I've noticed that in our emasculated world (and I say world and not "the West" because I've studied in a University in London for five years and, let me tell you, the Asians and the Middle Easterns are even bigger sissies than the Anglo-Saxons), there is a huge amount of sexlessness in young men. Even though I was bullied as a child at school and my mother was adamant as not to join a boxing gym, the second I was eighteen and left home I immediately started kick-boxing and lifting weights. And even emasculated, romantic, naive me when I went to the UK (just because I lifted weights and new how to fight) was pulling serious tail. I was so naive back then that I even had women complimenting my prowess in front of other men or doing anything they could do to touch my arms. Back then I would instinctively think that I didn't need them as I was searching for real love... I was THAT naive back then! But I've realised that the vast majority of millennials are extremely sex starved and that brings me to this email.
First things first, I am an Orthodox Christian. Not because I was born into it (we never went to church as a family), neither through osmosis, but due to the fact that I believe that it's the Truth. But after getting that out of the way I just have to tell you that I've had enough with all of these Christian men. Especially the so called "Traditional ones". These men wouldn't know what fun and excitement was if it hit them on the face. Instead of them talking in simple terms, telling us that we are fallen, that we have intrusive thoughts, that we are all in this together, and that there is no such a thing as one size fits all when it comes to the Will and Providence of God, these neo-puritans want to mold you into what they are. Unfunny, cowardly, moralising. They are the ones talking down on people having sex, fighting and experimenting with life without realising that someone believes in God, and gets saved, not due to following "steps", like God is some sort of short-sited, spiteful, parole officer, but by acting according to his Will and living life through stages of maturity, learning, re-learning and un-learning what we know in the course of our lives until we reach the Truth. But by following their logic the only way this is possible is by getting to a point back in time when there were arranged marriages abound. You know... the same marriages that ended like a lot of non-arranged marriages. Beatings, lies, mistreatment of children by both parents etc. And by reading your book right now it dawned on me. These people aren't patriarchs, these people don't want to find a nurturing, child-protecting, loving wife, these people don't want to go back in time (in a place that never existed by the way) to be closer to God, these BITCHES want to feel SAFE! After all the history we know on how the world works for the past 4.000 years these people still believe in "SAFETY"!!! Is this the same safety Jesus Christ had? The same safety that put him on the Cross? If Jesus was walking the earth in this day and age challenging the authorities and the norms of our day like He did in His day these people would call him callous. Maybe even a vagabond as He never owned a house or had money. HA HA HA HA!!! And they have the audacity to pass this bitch mentality to younger, impressionable men?
Now, I will send you the website of these assholes so you can see for yourself. Apparently, these two grifters have been married for years. One of them [redacted] is married to a mixed-race woman with a shaved head... Now, I am no psychiatrist but that shit doesn't seem normal to me. Long story short these two assholes want to charge, sexless, impressionable, scared, boys 1.000 dollars so they can find them a [religious] wife! They will also interview the young man to see if "he is going to be a good fit"!!!!! We are talking about some meta-traditionalist stuff right there! The men that will go through with this will basically pay for a family experience! Is this where the world is headed? You will have to pay money so you could "go back" to "Traditionaland"? Is this a fever dream?
Apparently, that [redacted] guy, had written to a post of a young man asking him if he "should be punched in the face" (as a rite of passage into adulthood) to not do that. And I quote: "NO! You can die from that!". I wonder what the raping, bullying, thuggish Crusader of old would say to that statement! I would love to be in front of that conversation!
I know that this isn't even a rant. It's a literal tangent and I apologise. I just think that you are (probably) the only guy that will tell me if I am wrong in the things I've written, considering the fact that you are an expert on what constitutes the "Masculine" through the ages.
By the way, I don't know if you would want to make this post available online like you've done with the posts I've seen in your blog and books. These people are so weak that maybe even the mention of their name in a blogpost will constitute legal action on your person (as a lawyer in Greece I have to deal with pathetic sissies that can't handle derogatory comments on a daily basis). Also, people like the ones that are running the site, that I'll send you in the link below, have always LOADS of money to spend in frivolous lawsuits. They act like they are against the System but the System keeps them in business as long as they don't say anything out of pocket. As the System kept in business the Alt-Right for as long as it was needed, or any other grifter, through the ages, who by fighting the Monster ended up just helping it in the long run.
But please do give me an honest answer for all of the above as I am going crazy with all the shit I am seeing from the "Traditionalists".
The website is here: [redacted]
Thank you, Sir. That was a fun read. Since I am not a homosexual I am certain that I cannot be regarded as an authority on masculine culture in 2023 America. I will do my best.
Recently I had dinner with a young fighter who took me to get medical treatment. He is a Christian and said, “What do you think the government would do if Jesus came back tomorrow?”
I opined, “Assassination or character assassination combined with psychiatric incarceration.”
I have become sick to death of men, many of whom have promoted my work, going on and on about safety provided by proxy thugs, through proxy social management persons, elected by them. These same people go on and on about the “West African Man” being the unbeatable paragon of masculine virtue and that no paleface can stand before these gods of violence in combat. In America, where collective Anglo-Saxon masculinity has gone, is in negro worship.
I must have been delusional when I saw my black middleweight Chief, a groan man, get worked over by a 14 year old paleface in the ring in 2003 down at the Dundalk Martial Arts and Boxing Academy where I was head coach. Chief took it in stride and said, “Coach please don’t put him in with me when he’s grown up!”
When I was in the corner watching my man Incognegro get manhandled by some pale farm boy...I guess I was looking the wrong way.
Sir, the baseline requirement for any man not to be a sissy, not to pattern his behavior on women, to not pine for soft and fluffy things and well appointed safe spaces, to be able to protect him and his against aggression, is that he be A FIGHTER, A COMBATANT, A WARRIOR.
If you do not have that, put on that wedding dress and take to your knees, because you are functionally a woman.
Since the 1980s, American boys have been almost exclusively raised by women. Normally, only about 3 in 10 males of a non-warrior population can be expected to fight. Now, in a warrior society, like the Comanche or Spartans, all of them will fight. What we actually see in our cuckasian matriarchy is that less than 30% of males, from boyhood to maturity, are willing to fight. That is normal. Throughout the ancient, medieval and early modern world it was common for most of a host to run or surrender as soon as things went against them. This was called breaking. The history of Alexander’s battles, except for the Hydapsis, was that he broke a key unit at the center of the enemy line and that most of the rest of the horde broke and ran. He did this with a tiny fraction of his army: the Agrianians, Cretans, Foot Companions and Horse Companions—the hammer. Everybody else was the anvil, holding and waiting for the enemy to break and then rolling them up.
Long distance killing technology changes this gradually through the 1800s. Only a tiny portion of a modern military needs to be able to come chest to chest with the enemy and kill or be killed.
The need for this ethos is now back in the realm of private society, in the hands of the individual man, who chooses weather to be a woman [kneel, run, beg, appease, apologize, argue] or a man and stand. Participation by adult men in [full contact] combat arts peaked in the 1980s and has been falling ever since. It is now below 1% of American men, much lower than in early Modern, Medieval, Ancient or Primitive societies.
Sir, we live in a sissy society. That makes it your oyster so enjoy.
Now, the sexless man, often an incel, is rising, and has been rising more steeply since Covid. The lack of social skills that causes this has the following roots:
-Age grade education
-Female teachers
-Mothers having more influence than fathers
-Social isolation [including working from home]
-Social media and video gaming rather than neighborhood ball games and crime
-Lack of violent masculine pastimes
It is interesting that most men who do not find a mate in their late teens or early 20s remain attracted strictly to the teenage female form and have a hard time being attracted to women. I know 7 middle aged incels that fit this profile.
The arranged marriage thing is funny. The men who would settle for this would have been castrated and sold as eunuchs in ancient times.
I am obviously not nearly as socially compassionate as you are. I really do not care if other men have sex, if they get married, if they fight. Heck, the more sissies out there the better for us.
I do have a prediction. I see the future growth in the medical industrial complex to be psychiatric, that is to say satanic. As soon as a psychiatrist gets on this grift wagon of arranged marriages he and his associates will insist that laws be passed stipulating medical supervision of such services and the subjects they marry. The government is going to get into subsidized prostitutes, so why not wives? 200 to 300 years ago most wives were simply sold by parents or authorities as marital property. In the future, they won’t be sold, but they will be found for a fee and then have state medical rights and social service entitlements attached to them and their relationship with their partner, the partner thereby being ensnared in perpetual psychiatric care.
Circa 1717, Black Beard the Pirate, a certain Edward Teach, was business partner with the Governor’s of North Carolina and New York. Over his bloody career he bought, used and discarded 13 of 14 wives, the final one outliving him after being turned out to the crew. Governments already grant marriage licenses, which I have always regarded as satanic, as letting the devil into the marriage chamber. Expect government involvement in the pre-marital process to expand as it follows the trail blazing grifters into another fertile field of licensing and enforcement.
For anyone interested in arranged marriages, I suggest reading Njal’s Saga, a multi-generational orgy of marital homicide.
For a view of the early Christian Church, which our Hellenic friend here embodies, the best treatment, is Edward Gibbons The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Chapter 15.
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