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'To Replace Xtendom'
Part 1: Question of “White” versus Christian Identity: 5/9/23
© 2023 James LaFond
I can't believe I posted this suicide note.
Since i wrote this I have listened to some outtakes from Post-Koranic Islamic literature, fanatically declaring that Mohamed was "white" and that he was not "black." This Islamic mention of Mohamed being white would be the very first use of that term as a racial noun. So I must listen to the Koran again. Their are zero uses of white as a racial noun in antiquity. Also, reports on piracy circa 1720, logged by Daniel DeFoe uses the terms white and black only in the Indian Ocean. In the Atlantic, the terms negro, English, Dutch, etc., are used, not white, and hardly ever black. The source for "white and black" seems to be Middle Eastern, with most Arabic commerce being on the Indian Ocean. I am also looking into a book from 1300 which might have the terms white and black used in Holland. My guess is that one of three things are true:
-It was translated, like the letters of Andrew White, in the 1800s and new fake words were inserted
-It was written originally by a Dutchman who was tutored by a Dutchman who was not a Christian
-Or, it was a hoax

Hey, James,
I remember that you wrote that white identity was invented by Jews to replace Xtendom. Any sources on that?
Are those MOSSAD agents repelling out of the sky?
Not to replace Christianity, but to supersede Christian identity in the minds of powerful gentiles, in order to enhance co-existance with Christians within Christendom. This manifested itself first in the interface between Christendom and Islamic and heathen domains, which Christians wanted access to and had recourse to Jewish agents as interfaith and interracial intermediaries. I suspect that conversos pioneered this and that Marco Polo his father and uncle were involved in this type of exchange. Columbus was a converso, as was the man who financed Magellan's expedition before moving his house to Flanders.
The Jewish application, of the Middle Eastern and North African beauty standard for women [1] in the early modern period, is inferred often, deeply and broadly in the historical record. It may not, however be proven according to Postmodern understanding of causality, which are based on specific, material blame associated with the determination of criminal guilt and civic liability. The ancient Roman dictum that he who benefits from an act most likely instigated or at least aided its occurrence, does not apply to our reasoning process.
“White” it does not show up as a racial noun until the period when Dutch Jews locked down the transatlantic slave trade around1600 and Cromwell brought Jews back to move human freight after the civil war, circa 1650. There was a 1656 pamphlet against this which I read—a real Jew hate screed that ties in with the fact that the Magna Carta gave all creditors, "Jews and others" [Templars and Lombards] the right to turn the widows and orphans of even noblemen into chattel to satisfy debt. This is, I suspect the real reason for the expulsion in the 1300s, and Wat Tyler's Revolt, circa 1380, not the fanciful stories of Jews eating Christ babies.  Note that Templars were also expelled or killed in 1314.
I just think it was a protective measure engaged in by sensible minority merchants in human cargo. Numerous Jews have told me, "you're white like me," while in black areas and that keyed me on the probably instigation of that pamphlet and the fact that white was not a racial noun with currency until 1735 and was not the dominant one until 1776-1820, when Christians and Jews made common cause in the Revolution. I don't think it was an attack on Christendom, but a defensive measure by a key minority caught within it. 
The people most resistant to this idea are Christians who hate Jews, by the way. This defensive measure by Jewish shipping concerns, in which 1 old testament Captain might have 10 Protestant English sailors above deck and 200 Catholic Irish freight below, and have a very real and pressing need to make common cause with the crew, has led to Christians giving up their religious identity for an economic "white" identity. However, I do not think that was any plan or conspiracy, but a function of economic gravity within European society.
I read a massive tomb titled White over Black, I think, in which an exhaustive survey of "white" as racial term nets very few mention as a racial noun in the 1600s and none before, with there absolutely being no racial noun of white in Antiquity. [2] it was strictly a modern semantic shift that has tracked exactly with Christianity devolving into secular humanism and atheism.
This is the best reason for the introduction of such an artificial term as "white," and may have been the innovation of a single Dutch ship's captain charged by Cromwell's agents with shipping out English women as chattel. I was reminded of this in the above mentioned tomb when the author, a very pro Hebrew liberal, pointed out that the racial noun "black" was pioneered in Judaic antiquity, I think during the Babylonian captivity.
I have avoided publishing this subject on the main site for fear of being listed by the ADL or SPLC. There are also some such findings, numerous sent to me by an Israeli graduate student [3], concerning Jewish traffic in Christians under Islam, which I did not even have the courage to place on patreon and buried in print only books. Billing and adoption records from Istanbul in the 1500s and 1600s show that Jewish women were buying Slavic women for servants to be married to younger nephews and brothers of their husband after 4 years service, after which they would convert and be married into the family. These slave mistresses boasted of the light hair and "detached eyebrows" of their slave girls, marking a conscious effort to use Islamic caught Christian Europeans to enable breeding into the European genome and moving deeper into Christendom.
Again, this all seems defensive, not aggressive. These people lived in a slave society, in which Islam prohibited their traffic in Muslims and Leviticus barred ownership of their own. Again, White Nationalist have raged at this suggestion, as it places their Jew-hating racial identity as merely a Hebrew applied shared label of old, which Jews have largely abandoned to the descendants of those Christians who gave up their faith for ownership of a negro in the 1700s. 
The 1600s Jewish Captain, surrounded by a crew of Christians, with their calloused feet on the necks of hundreds of Christian and heathen captives, can't use religion, can he? He can't use class? Hell, half of his crew are unfree. All he has is his European race, and especially against Africans. With the African trade not booting up until 1685, the "you are white like me" to the crew would take on much stronger significance in the face of 200 Bantus below decks. Hence, by 1735, "White" as a racial noun begins to gain currency. Most, nearly all, Africans shipped to America came between 1685 and 1750. White, as a racial noun would not begin to challenge “Christian” as the prime American identity until 1770, after the period of African transport, when a now indigenous, and 90% unfree, African population posed a challenge to civic identity. Do note that as many as 40% of American slave owners were Jewish and that Ulysses S. Grant was forced to liberate black slaves from Jews in Tennessee, at the point of a bayonet, at the same time and place that many Christian Tennessee slave holders released their own slaves before Union occupation. [7]
Also, white black terminology begins in the West Indies in the 1600s, and does not reach English North America until the 1700s, where Christian and Heathen or Savage or Indian was common terminology and not holding strong racial identity, but religious and cultural. The epicenter of White identity in America was South Carolina and Georgia, places aggressively settled by Anglo-Jewish slave mongers from the West Indies from 1685 thru 1760. This was also the center of Confederate rebellion against the Union, a rebel nation with a Jewish vice president. [8]
The complete posting and footnotes of this social suicide article, that should get me de-platformed, will be posted on the next nonfiction day.
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