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'White Like Me'
Part 2: Question of “White” versus Christian Identity: 5/9/23
© 2023 James LaFond
[Note from 9/1/2023. The majority of references to a person being "white" from the early Middle Ages come from Islamic sources, such as the Hadith.]
Hey, James,
I remember that you wrote that white identity was invented by Jews to replace Xtendom. Any sources on that?
The process amounted to Jews making racial common cause with higher class Anglos, Dutch and Germans, in the traffic of lower class Gaels, Swedes, Finish, Dutch, Africans, Anglos and Germans. [9] Other races went along with it as an actual civic-economic replacement of Christian identity. In the 1700s any two Europeans meeting in a savage land would say, "I am a Christian." By 1900, they would say, like the Jewish filmmaker who drove down to Baltimore from Manhattan to interview me in 2017, “I am white like you," as he glanced worriedly at a Jamaican man.
I cannot prove this and have no desire to do so, for it would result in all of my books being erased. I am showing a clear causal, adaptive, social evolution in an entirely polarizing, artificial, racial terminology over time, tracking perfectly with full integration of Jews into Dutch and Anglo-American society and economics. Jasper Dankearts relates that in Dutch Manhattan in 1671 that there were designated temples for Christians to visit and share in worship with local Jews. Ultimately, the switch from Christian identity was powered by an aggressive Christian-American impulse to conjoin their universalist faith with a late stage and clearly artificial racial designation. For there are no white people on earth. Albinos are pink. Ironically "white" race-based Christians have used this term in an attempt to balance white and Christian, which is not possible, as Christianity is metaphysically all inclusive and white identity becomes a zoological trap over the generations. I suspect that the Anglo elite went in for “white” in the same spirit that they adopted “British” to replace English, as a way of erasing Irish, Scottish, Welsh and Cornish racial identity.
Ultimately, my observation that the source for the insertion of the term "white" that would replace "Christian" between 1600 and 1800, had only one candidate agency, a small refuge race living in colonies internal and external to Christendom, gave me a chill up my spine. This chill informed me that Jews and Jew haters would reserve more animus for my clear observation than for each other.
The observation is, that Jews involved in slave trading of European Christians and heathen Africans, in intimate cooperation with European Christians, hit upon the only other commonality than money shared with their Anglo-Dutch partners, pale skin, as a means of seeking protection against the dark and pale slave revolts that had [10] and would occur.
I see this as a logical adaptation to the Age of Sail, in light of the many exterminations and expulsions of Jews in the earlier age that had resulted from their work as tax collectors and creditors who relied on the might of Christian elites to enforce their rights and secure their lives. I do not posit that this was a Jewish conspiracy to replace Christianity with White identity. But, that the mass Anglo-Dutch-American mind [French engaged in this too] chose, millions of times, over hundreds of years, to pursue the economic benefit of white identity over the traditions of Christianity.
From 1600 through the present Europeans traded in their Christian faith for ideologically-backed money just as earlier Europeans had traded in their heathen faith for Christian-backed money. With the dawning of our new social justice age, Jews have largely had the good sense to abandon their shared white identity for their ancient religious Identity. Meanwhile their co-conspirators in the Invention of Modernity doggedly cling to White identity as if it is something that existed anywhere in the would before 1453, when Modernity rose from the final collapse of Antiquity. 
Thank you, Baruch, for permitting me to emulate the historical Odin, who hung himself around about the time of Christ in a protest against Civilization, to include money, which would be banned by his followers for a good 200 years until they slowly began to relearn the worship of the god in the purse.   
Where do you rank modern American slavery-prison system and low wage unskilled labor both?
The prison systems in China, Peru and the United States, in which inmates perform economic production, are clearly work house analogues. These date back to Ancient Egypt.
Debt based wage work, was regarded as no better than slavery by the elite scumbags who founded this country and was a key reason why an income tax was regarded as wicked, even by the wicked of that former age. For, by definition, anyone who works for an hourly or even daily is a mere step from debt. In this evil age, income tax is regarded as a good. The founding lie founders regarded any man who does not own land and people and liquid assets, and instead works for a daily rate, to be but one step from crushing debt, which, until 1800s, resulted in the sale of that person to satisfy that debt.
From roughly 1820s to the 1920s, the only people that were sold to satisfy economic or social debts were orphans and half orphans such as Bill Carlisle [4] and Prissila Lightfoot. [5] Our Postmodern juvenile corrections system is an oblique slavery, in which youths are enslaved and held without producing any value, merely as a grift upon the greater society, who are taxed for their “care.” [6]
-1. See the Song of Solomon, the book White Gold, the account of Thomas Pellow, and America In Chains, [my 2nd Plantation America book] in which the trade of castrated English men and boys by Venetian clergy to Islamic sex trade merchants, was clearly dated in the 1300s, around the time when Jews were expelled from England.
-2. In antiquity the idea of a white person was an oddity, with one emperor for a year, being unusually pale, being named Albinos. He was whacked by Septimus Severus round about 190 A.D. Only one antiquitous reference to "white” is made by Tacitus and that of Germans and as an adjective, with later Roman commentators naming Nordics “the fair haired races.” Indeed, in the British isles and even in Spain in the late Middle Ages, to be called “the Black” was a reference to one's dark hair color.
-3. The fellow was doing a paper on scandals in Ottoman Egypt involving Jewish slave mistresses affronting their husbands by buying African men as lovers. He informed me by email that he could not use the material on adoption of slavic slave girls and supposed I could use this material to cut my own throat, which I here do.
-4. see his Biography, as well as Jack Black's You Can't Win.
-5. Half Broke Horses by the author of The Glass Castle.
-6. See Orphan Nation and the story of Dude.
-7. Nathan Bedford Forest and Captain Jack Hinton are prominent examples from that state.
-8. Do note that Jewish slave holders were regarded by African slaves as the kindest masters, less prone to the whip hand than Christian masters.
-9. See the journal of Augustine Herman from 1656 in the back matter of Cox & Swain for evidence of Scandanavian slaves in English America.
-10. Wat Tyler's rebellion and numerous peasant uprisings in France and Germany.
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