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We Are the Sons of Aryаs
Foreword to Sons of Aryаs by Achilleas, the Series Reader: 8/7/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
I’ve found Mr. LaFond through some podcasts I’ve listened to in the past couple of years. At first, listening to him I thought that I had to do with another character of the cookie cutter “dissident-right” personas that America is known for to us Europeans, and boy was I wrong!
When I started reading his books, I immediately understood that he cannot be put into a box. Don’t forget that this is what scares the System. If you cannot be put into a category, which just means that you don’t accept the labels given to you after the 18th Century, you are a persona non grata.
Reading his book, “The Sons of Aryаs”, I had a lot of overlapping thoughts. As I told him, in a personal email, I felt “…excited, doomed, happy and miserable all at the same time”. As we are the Sons of Aryаs I felt like the end of Europe a la Oswald Spengler, Kerry Bolton and Ted Kaczynski is inevitable. As history is cyclic, according to all Traditional systems of thought, we are just before the fall. As Athens fell, as Rome fell, as Byzantium fell, as nature falls when it cleanses itself through fire. When nature gets stale, when there cannot be any more growth and when a system has reached its apex, there is always fire. When the Orthodox Byzantines (Greco-Romans) were at the gates and the huge army of the Ottomans were breaching the City of Constantinople, where was everyone else?
The whole of the Eastern Roman Empire consisted of two cities at that time! Which means that it was already fallen, and it just needed a push. The causes of the fall? The same ones as in Athens and Rome in antiquity and Europe and America in modernity.
In the “Sons of Aryаs”, I realized that humanity has always made the same mistakes, made the same arguments and when it got too fat and stupid to move, something else came and swept it off its feet.
What will it be in our time and age? Islam? The PC Agenda? Capitalism? All the above? How long will people still toil in these circumstances?
Isn’t Generation Y/X and the Millennials killing themselves in record numbers anyway? The same person that will brag on social media on how well adjusted he is, how happy he is in his office job, how much he appreciates modern art, how “safe” the modern world is and how convinced he is about his materialistic philosophical presuppositions, is the same person that tries to find happiness at the end of a spoon, in the all too “relatable” and “colorful” characters of a Netflix show, at the pulling off of a used condom or, in a lot of cases, at the end of a gun or a rope.
But is the average person to blame?
Mr. LaFond’s criticism of the “Manosphere” in the “Sons of Aryаs” got me thinking on the “woman problem” of our age. Countless hours have been spent on books on how to “game” a woman or on why so many young people are sex starved. But what is the reason behind that?
Why do so many women of European descent in America and so many Greek, Italian, Swedish, and Norwegian women (just to name a few) in their respective countries, are attracted to people from Africa and the Middle East?
I’ve even noticed that these same women when given the rape statistics are either denying them or retort with the phrase “Swedish/German/Greek men rape too!”.
But isn’t that contradictory to them wanting to feel safe?
If all the problems for modern women come down to the fear of being raped, shouldn’t they be the first ones to push for extreme border control?
Common sense would tell you that, but common sense isn’t “common” for everyone as people are creatures of intellect but also pathos. These women know exactly what is going on. They open their arms happily to these men knowing that they put themselves to extreme danger. Why?
Because they’ve found something to these men that they cannot find to their European counterparts. They found Men! Unapologetic men! Sexist men! Men who refuse adamantly to change their customs, religions and even garb! Men who openly talk about exterminating the local population of “men”. What is there not to like?
Wouldn’t a woman feel safer being close to a man from the Middle East, that respects his God and his culture, rather than a limp wristed, atheistic European?
Wouldn’t she feel safer, being close to someone from the continent of Africa that, at least, looks like he could fight?
Where does all the above bring us, as Mr. LaFond points out in his thesis?
We have failed our women. Yes, women want to feel safe but that doesn’t mean that all of them prefer comfort to safety. The above are not mutually exclusive.
“The Sons of Aryаs” is a book on fire. Not in the Nietzschean sense, neither the Faustian one but the Heraclitian one. This book is fire (energy) that will “burn” you from the inside out like the great works of the Romantics did in the 18th and 19th century, as these people saw the Enlightenment as something that would be our ruin (and it is, just look at the “fruits” of the Enlightenment. Liberalism, communism but also the Right and the Alt-Right/Far-right).
What most Westerners fail to understand is that both the Right and the Far-right are “fruits” of revolution themselves with the Romantic movement coming in the forefront to combat all the above, with the known results of every truly Conservative nation losing all important wars. From the American Civil War up to World War I and World War II. The good guys lost, and the bad guys won, hence the evils of the modern world and all the fake Left/Right dichotomy which, at the end of the day, has the same historical and philosophical force behind it.
Mr. LaFond your books are an oasis and men are extremely thirsty these days. I hope that you live a long and productive life so we can continue enjoying your tremendous work.
᾿Ή τὰν ἢ ἐπὶ τᾶς.
• Achilleas
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