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A Fettered Dawn
Part 1: Plantation America & Sons of Aryаs Histories & Fiction: 8/14/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
After two months of being so crippled that writing has often been beyond my physical means, I must take a hard look at this high craft that I have dragged low into the gutter of Civilization’s afterlife to sustain an amateur boxing coach in his lesser twilight. Recently I returned to writing, but have been limited to about 2,000 words a day.
Then, in the Baltimore night, as I shrimped around on a better man’s living room floor, trying to align a collapsing spine, I let out a moan. That moan was almost manly, without a whimper like the bitch groans what whistled out of me a month gone. It was in response to a stab of pain that equaled the agony that I spent seven straight weeks in. How soon we forget, even within ourselves. The chill that played down my spine as the ankle and knee caught fire and I applied traction to the lumber spine to limit the cascade of prone pain, caused a chill to play up the higher, healthier portions of the spine to my head.
That chill was accompanied by an eerie remembrance that the moan I had omitted was near identical to the moan of Prometheus, fettered to the Rock of Caucasus, an eagle dining upon his liver, as depicted by the voice actor that read the version of Prometheus Bound that I have listened to some dozen times. I would describe it as a knowing groan, a moan informed by the connected mind as to the cause of the pain.
This brought the question to mind of how one fading light might finish perusing the library of our kind’s plight before this investigative candle winks out.
Yesterweek I wrote three historical articles extracted from the Old Testament. Two were obviously germane to The Aryаs Project. The other was as well, as it focused on servile institutions in Antiquity, yet was intended for Plantation America Context material. Both of these history projects were born in research preparing to write historical, fantasy and science-fiction novels. There also they should return, with the massive inquiries intended as fuel for writing fiction.
Plantation America has its own dedicated fiction, with historical notes to address the human side of the hidden history of America. I have also employed this research in writing the science-fiction series Elder Earth, which posits an earth that never saw a Protestant Reformation or Modernity, and remains in 2031, a Late Medieval America, retaining all of the gross forms of servitude that ruled the lives of all common men and women of Agrarian Civilization for a brutal 5,000 years.
How might one writer who has already drowned his editor in 84 unpublished books, focus the remaining energy of inquiry?
The inquiry must come first, as story flows easily from the fruits of inquiry, but inquiry is exhausting, especially for the uneducated and unassisted cipher sorting through his race’s willfully forgotten and duplicitously misbegotten past. When better positioned fraternities of more intelligent men have busily lied, expertly obscured, bitterly denied and piously ignored the salient points of our shared past it requires a great internal energy on the part of one bruised and spoiling disagreeable fruit of their deceitful tree to pry loose the facts from the wordy rubble entombing our past.
What follows is an index of the most important of the subjects under discussion, with an understanding that they are one. For the fetters that bound Prometheus in Achylus’ signal play have and do bind us all whose ancestors hailed from the Rock of the Caucasus. Plantation America was a unique Aryаn construct of Early Modernity that projected the ethics of pagan, heathen, Judaic and Christian Antiquity into the early Industrial Age that grew out of the Renaissance and Reformation and was the underside of the Enlightenment.
Moreover, Plantation America was narrowly Anglo-Germanic over Gaelic in scope, transferring the late stage migratory dynamics of Eurasia, terminating in complex cultural and racial layering in the British Isles, to the great untapped continental resource of Stone Age North America. Hence, America, the premier Economic Zone of Human Civilization, offers the unflinching investigator a vision of Racial-Cultural reverse engineering, side-by-side with tribal deconstruction such as must have accompanied the rise of Civilized Antiquity.
I have flinched here about one thing, waffling on and even refusing to apply an external structure to the subject of Plantation America. That ends here, in failed compromise. I can only impose a structure on my rude investigation.
Dates and page counts are from my unedited drafts.
Final Form of the Plantation America Project:
-0. Prequel: Chinks in the Machine, 2014, 175 pages, with relevant material taken from this small history and placed in Volume 2.
-1. Stillbirth of a Nation, 2016, 486 pages, an investigation of a Scottish slave’s life and times
-2. America in Chains, 2016, 392 pages, features a chronology of slavery from Medieval Eurasia and Africa to Modern America.
-3. Into Wicked Company, 2016, 152 pages, based on a first hand poem by an English slave boy
-4. A Bright Shining Lie at Dusk, 2016, 322 pages, an unfocused attempt to wrap up the project by addressing various aspects of American slavery, essentially an anthology of articles.
-5. Sold, 2016, 165 pages, published some 5 years later in order, a novel of Plantation America, based on the enslavement of Thomas Hellier, in 1678
-6. So His Master May Have Him Again, 2017, 321 pages, EuropeanAmerican male runaways
-7. So Her Master May Have Her Again, 2017, 306 pages, a focus on European female and African runaway slaves
-8. The Lies that Bind Us, 2017, 329 pages, Focus on the Magna Carta, as the basis for the various institutions of debt based slavery in the Anglo Economic and Ethical Sphere, along with another poorly curated anthology of articles on the facts and legacy of Plantation America.
[The following historical volumes or organized thematically and chronologically from Antiquity and preColumbian America down to current social forms spawned from Plantation America.]
-9. CrackerBoy, 2018, 686 pages, the deepest and broadest investigation of EuroAmerican slavery set against the mythology of AfricanAmerican slavery.
-10. The Greatest Lie Ever Sold, 2019, 311 pages, the structure of EuroAmerican servitude and exploitation, companion volume to CrackerBoy, written and arranged at the same time, to include a critical reading of USG founding documents.
-11. Orphan Nation, 2020, 85 pages, child slavery in America
-12. Advent America, 2020, 666 pages, preconditions for rebellion in Plantation American,
-13. Search for an American Spartacus, 2020, 768 pages, complete and unpublished, revolts and uprisings in Plantation America
-14. In These Goings Down, 2021, 518 pages, complete and unpublished, a general history
-15. Plantation America, 2022, 351 pages, complete and unpublished, a general history
-16. Cox & Swain, 2022, 217 pages, a novel of Plantation America based on the enslavement of George Alsop, with extensive historical notes
[The following works are in progress, as one massive inquiry and the volumes will be completed as one set, with the set organized along the lines of histories 9 thru 15.]
-17. The Planters: In This New Israel I, an investigation of the physical and political foundations of Plantation America
-18. The Sowers: In This New Israel II, an investigation of economic and ethnic exploitation in Plantation American
-19. The Inheritors: In This New Israel III, an investigation of runaways and revolts, post Civil War slavery in America and the post modern legacy of Plantation America.
-20. Bound, a Novel of Plantation America, based on the enslavement of Thomas Hellier, sequel to Sold.
-21. American Patrimony: An Index of Plantation America with concluding notes and corrections, and, no doubt inclusions from sources I do not yet know exist.
-22. Freed, a short fiction anthology of the stories of Runaways in Plantation America.
Volumes and Pages of Plantation America Content
Some Out of Publication Order
-2016: 4 books, 1,195 pages
-2017: 3 books, 956 pages
-2018: 1 book, 686 pages
-2019: 1 book, 311 pages
-2020: 3 books, 1,519
-2021: 1 book, 518 pages
-2022: 2 books, 568 pages
For 15 books and 5,753 pages
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