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A Haunted Night
Part 3: Plantation America & Sons of Aryаs Histories & Fiction: 8/14/2022
© 2023 James LaFond
Part 3 is an outline of the Sons of Aryаs History Project, to include those books on Aryаn History exterior to the theme of Sons of Aryаs, which relate to and have even inspired and informed this work.
Unincorporated Aryаn Histories
The Broken Dance Project
There has been no source for boxing identified that was not Aryаn or Indo-European. Okinawin “Hand” may be an exception. The investigation required for the First Boxers involved the reading of 1152 books in 3 years and has formed the foundation for the entire series of books listed below.
-1. The First Boxers: A Fighter’s View of Prize-Fighting from Gilgamesh to Goliath, 2011, 223 pages
-2. The Gods of Boxing: A Fighter’s View of Boxing from Achilles to Alexander, 2011, 146 pages
-3. All Power Fighting: A Fighter’s View of Mixed Martial
Arts from Achilles to Alexander, 2011, 233 pages
-4. The Boxer Dread, complete but unarranged and unedited, to be published as a 4 volume Omnibus including a revised Broken Dance.
-5. The Broken Dance is available as a 3 volume html book on this site and features 147 illustrations and maps.
-6. He: Gilgamesh Into the Face of Time, 2015, 223 pages
-7. By the Wine Dark Sea: A Sourcebook for Adventures
Set in Ancient Hellas: 650 B.C., 2020, 143 pages
-8. Might: A History of Combat, 2020, 389 pages, overflow from the Sons of Aryаs Project focusing on war in and out of the Aryаn Sphere, unedited and unpublished
Sons of Aryаs
The underlying theme is the interaction of the male and female spheres and of barbarism and civilization in Indo-European History.
-1. Sons of Aryаs: Soul of the West: Volume 1, 2019, 665 pages, complete and unpublished, a history of migratory war cultures, with a mythic focus on Virgil’s Aeneid
-2. Beasts of Aryаs: An Inquiry into Aryаn Culture, Domestication and the Monstrous, 2021, 346 pages, complete and unpublished, a historical focus on Aryаn relationships with domesticated animals and monsters, the Bronze Age Collapse and Thucydides, with a mythic focus on Genesis and Beowulf
-3. Blue Eyed Daughter of Zeus, 2021, 47 pages, a mythic examination of Rosenberg’s Myth of the 20th Century
-4. Songs of Aryаs: Considering the Strands of Aryаn Tradition, 2022, 235 pages, complete and published only as a site ebook, with a mythic focus on the Golden Bough by James G. Frazier and Moby Dick by Herman Melville, The Iliad and The Argonautica
-5. Shrouds of Aryаs, in progress with some 200 pages complete, the historical focus on Gibbon’s First Volume of The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, the mythic focus on Ovid’s Metamorpheses, The Iliad, the Song of Roland and Milton’s Paradise Lost
-6. Norns of Aryаs, in rough outline, the historical focus to be on Plato’s Republic, the mythic focus to be on The Death of Arthur by Mallory, The Odyssey of Homer and Dante’s Divine Comedy
My apologies for Herodotus, Aristotle and Xenophon, whose works I have leaned on heavily and have failed to cite here. The school of historical thought that I belong to has but one student—being me—and favors Herodotus as the most trustworthy and accurate source for Aryаn antiquity. He shall be consulted annually during the remaining course of this haphazard inquiry modeled on his own.
A Fettered Dawn
‘Sure and Dexterous Hand of the Founder’
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