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4 Keys to Groe Mastery
In Post Paleface America: 7/31/2023, Baltimore
© 2023 James LaFond
The Brickmouse was helping me with my therapy when he asked, “James, what exactly are the keys to your apparent mastery of these people? Is it something that can be learned?”
This reminded me of a recent conversation with another host who described how invincible he felt walking with a group of ten or more of his fellows to a social event, that so many palefaces together caused normally aggressive Groes to step away rather than to affect their normal tropical bray.
He asked me if I had that same feeling and I said, “No, absolutely not. When I’m in a grope I’m nervous because I don’t know how many of my companions will start trouble that might involve me in an altercation.” I was once attacked by two men while my back was turned and my coworker simply ran, did not even say, “Hey, six o’clock!”
The crux is here, that all of us Guilt Americans are atomized, going to work alone, usually working alone, often living alone, which makes us vulnerable to our unemployed and entitled foes. That is why my second host here felt so good about being with like-minded men of prenatal macro-ethnic guilt.
I stumbled upon the key to enslaving Groes with a mere look, a pure thought, a hidden hand, an unspoken commitment to go to Hell. This was mostly because that I never was part of group of friends—ever. I was a loner as a child and teen. As an adult I was hated by coworkers for my high productivity. As a fighter, I journeyed alone, always to and from the gym, that fraternity location specific, even cryptic. Additionally, where the normal Guilt American drives, I always walked, mostly at night, putting me in a rare high frequency prey category.
From that place, I stumbled upon the key to Groe mastery: SILENCE. Of the four keys, this is not the most important, but amplifies the three others, so is also a bonus factor, the second most important of the 4. These minds are shallow, internally fragile, verbally actuated and possessed of feral instincts unknown to the denatured Whiteman. [1]
Two nights ago I had to turn off a Myth 20 episode as the host waxed on and on about the combat superiority of the invincible West African warrior, another example of why any philosopher must be a fighter or remain doomed to being forever surprised by human nature and chained to Platonic forms.
Below are the 4 keys to walking as the Groe Mazing Master through their jabbering ranks without being molested.
In 1981 I was small, pale and alone, walking to work through a white neighborhood along the main street, which was colonized and patrolled, like a demographic shit stain, by Groe warriors, specifically there to hunt palefaces. The first thing that kept me from being the only lifelong Baltimore pedestrian of my race to never be defeated by Groe Huntsmen in combat was this, which accounts for I believe 40% of my success:
-1. Combatant status. I, even while crippled and dragging myself around on crutches, Identify as only one social thing: A FIGHTING MAN. I faced down two groups of Groes on crutches earlier this month in Pittsburgh. I always new that I would fight, even before my first fight, had forged my world-hating mind into a central premise of going out fighting, not begging.
#1: 40%. So, you must be a fighter and identify yourself as a combatant. This is not to say a self defense practitioner, but a fighter. You need to fight in competition to forge the spirit that will not be broken when faced with defeat. Because if it comes to you throwing hands with a pack of Groes, you are getting hurt and possibly killed. What keeps them off is their instinctive sense that, “Oh, dis Cracka Jack ready ta throw down—lets jack some udda nigga.”
-2. SILENCE. I first refused to answer the threats of Groes because I was afraid my voice would crack, or that I would say the wrong thing. Then I noticed, that I was the only one of my kind not attacked by these critters. My Roommate Ronbone, 6’ 6” 320 pounds made the mistake of talking to Groes and got knifed.
#2: 20% Silence is key of Groe wrangling, as it amplifies #1, #3 and #4. It communicates these facts to the ape brain of the chimpspastic aggressor.
-3. ARMED. Being armed and dressed in a way that any thug will instinctively suspect that your loose clothing conceals a weapon, is about 20% of the game. This is why the most civil fashions of postmodern Cuckery for men features tight clothing.
#3 20% ARMED, including concealed carry. This works mostly according to the intelligence of a Groe leader and their overall feral instincts for who is not prey. This will make you a mark for the PIGZ as well.
-4. Being THAT GUY. That final 20% is experience based instinct for sensing intent, essentially cultivating a nasty little Groe in your soul. Just over the past decade I have had numerous Groes call me “Nigger,” just about when they decide I’m THAT GUY.
#4: 20%, that final edge is being THAT GUY, who will stab you until his knife snaps, beat you until his hands break, and then bite your nose off and spit it down your pie hole...and then start jump stomping you into curb custard.
The Brickmouse is a fighter, tested and true, and is not THAT GUY. He’s a nice guy. So he’s got his 40%, and when he is packing a weapon and keeping his mouth shut, he’s in the top 80% cut of crackers Groes would rather not tangle with.
The big thing is to frame yourself as a combatant and mental inventory every person you meet as combatant or non combatant. This habit alone is a Groe Ward of great power and raises the value of your other qualities. Among the Groes of Jabberdom, those martyr gawds of the fantastical realm of should, silence pays huge dividends, especially when you are outnumbered and they are up for a fight. That silence is an indication that you are armed.
Enjoy the Groepocalypse.
-1. Up until 2015, Whiteman was still a word in the computer dictionary. I am now getting a red line.
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Maud'Dib     Apr 2, 2024

I've always found sending out do not touch/bother mental signals when in a dangerous area prevents hostile encounters 75% of the time.
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