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Aspects of Ocular Overrule
Observations on Updating Agrarian Civic Controls: 8/29/2023
© 2023 James LaFond
The past few days of normalized TV watching has been mighty instructive. Re-reading Jeth Randolph’s letter on our plight as orphans of a kind helped tint the following observations.
Friends in the Rockies have informed me that the geese flew south from Canada a month early. Strange and anomalous whether patterns have ranged from storms to unusually hot in some places and unusual cool here in August.
The news briefly mentions that World Healer, Elon Musk has sent up a space vehicle to dock with an international space station. There is no mention that since this grifter’s array of satellites began streaking across the skies that valuable real estate in the American West occupied by working Americans have been hit by strange street fires, sometimes melting parked cars and missing adjacent trees as houses on the other side of the trees were burned.
Then there is a directed energy weapon attack on an America island in the Pacific in mid August. During this event police herded escaping home owners back into the fire too die and before the embers were cool billionaires and Slave Rock, the world’s most evil real estate company, rolled in to take over the historic housing areas where the owners had refused to sell to make way for a “15 Minute City.”
The media has become obsessed with social control.
An entire news cast focuses on getting kids back to school after three years of Covid and getting them there on time. Children standing in line and administrators speaking from podiums are the common images.
An 11 year old carjacker has been arrested about 12 times for robbing people. This suggests that this little fooker has gotten his hands on 12 guns! The police must release him and authorities may not charge him, by law. This has brought a call for putting laws on the books to imprison children or their parents. An “Adaral” crisis is afflicting schools, as a shortage of drugs for controlling boys is discussed by medical advocates, citing a shortage on the production end and calling for more drugs from Big Pharma. This odd synchronicity in the news suggests a near future combining school systems, medical systems and private police corporations in policing children and youths. The stated legislative aim, pioneered by Congresswoman Karen Stern, [1] is convicting parents of child criminals for the acts of their spawn.
Covid 19 announcements are beginning to dominate commercials and public service announcements. My health care provider is sending Covid news constantly. ‘Tis the season.
At the very least the multiplying satellites will serve to observe, to feed more images of our scurrying kind up into the ocular web of power that confines us. The steerage cults know that earth is beginning to change and that cataclysmic events will challenge the ether shackles we willingly where. Putting more hard control assets in place, locally, and corporately [2] is a priority. It is interesting that using this laptop in places that have internet which I do not have password access to, still permits the computer to update with the platform owner! That says something about these systems.
A game show, Master Minds, features 5 straight geographical questions answered by a contestant and a mulatto “genius.” I groan as the Taj Mahal is listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Neither one of them are able to pick Sitka out as the Russian and then American center of 19th century Alaskan government. The night before, the mulatto master mind missed all 5 questions as did his opponent. Earlier, the female master mind missed all 5 questions, the mulatto only 4. History and geography utterly elude the selected smartest minds paraded before the TV lens.
Baseball at last. Unfortunately, football is the first thing discussed on the telecast, the fact that an entire team dependent on a running quarterback must be rebuilt around his injured status, a status to be easily predicted. Football is a game of industrial social control, which I discussed last year and the year before as having entirely reinvented itself to conform to Wokery and align itself with USG and Global Medical doctrines. It is a game in which officials get thrice the time on the field as players and in which players are literal meat puppets controlled and commanded from the sidelines like video game avatars. Officiating and arguing and commenting on the play occupies over 75% of the televised game.
I then view the baseball game and note that more rules changes have occurred this last season than in my life time. This seems to be a bid to compress time like football and corrupt the time lax agrarian game of baseball, a game arranged in acts rather than in time segments, into something more media friendly.
Over the past two years the NFL has switched from pickup trucks as their primary commercial to military recruitment and military medical commercials. The play has focuses on switching the race of the offensive team captain, to include supportive rules changes and the restructuring of entire teams around a running quarterback, the Tennessee Titans and Baltimore Ravens being the best example. Sidelines coverage has expanded to focus on racial diversity of support staff and management. NFL stadiums are also now polling places, where get out the vote public service announcements focusing on support of only one of the two political parties. That NFL stadiums are now voting centers is a chilling.
The following are some of the changes in Major League Baseball.
-Increased diversity recruitment of martyr Americans with long tendons and short muscles has resulted in the most popular players of godly hue being injured at high rates. The teams are then forced to bring high functioning crackers up from the minor leagues who are actually better players, steal bases as fast as any gawdling, etc.
-Prancing [3] and wearing gaudy props and spitting out great gouts of water from their mouths have been institutionalized as post scoring rituals engaged in by all players, replacing the low time preference stoicism that has been the hallmark of the high functioning hitter for over a hundred years.
-Recruitment of golden hued players from Latin America, who generally decline to cavort like American NFL players from the ghetto, behaving more like the crackers on the team, has somewhat frustrated the overt negrofication of Big League Baseball.
-Baseball hitters now wear armor with the catcher now armored up like a hockey goalie. This has been a gradual thing since 2020.
-Most intrusively, the Postmodern Pitcher on the mound, who now throws closer to 100 MPH than 90 MPH as in my youth, is being robbed of his poise by being put on a time clock. This has had the immediate effect of increased officiating by umpires in imitation of NFL referees. Umpires are getting twice the face time they did last year while speeding up the game, rather than slowing it down like NFL officials. This is a genius move. In the short term it is corrupting stats [the heart of the game] making more drama, bringing team managers out on the field at twice last year’s rate to act like pro wrestling managers. In the long term it is going to mean more injured shoulders and shorter careers for pitchers.
Baseball is being dumbed down. But it is still maintaining its character as players from honor cultures like Latin America and Asia are being brought in for diversity of race but are maintaining the high and relatively stoic morality of baseball over other ball sports. The forced antics after scoring are stayed by NFL standards, with no choreographed butt wiggling dances after a score, but something more like an “ataboy,” as some stupid prop is inserted for the increasingly lower IQ fan
Recalling the public service announcements to stand in line and do your part by getting vaxxed from 2021 and 2022, I have noted one frightening thing about Major League Baseball:
At the end of the game, support staff and players resting in the dugout are now commanded to file out onto the field and greet retiring players after the last inning. Where baseball players have traditionally jogged in after a standard game or rushed into a celebratory huddle as individuals after a championship victory, they now file in quasi military fashion.
Such subtle methods of aligning itself more closely with USG are shrewdly calculated acts to insure that Baseball does not fall into 3rd place in America’s pantheon of civic distractions. It is doubtful that the increasingly slavish and dull American mind will ever return to the most civil of team ball sports as its primary focus. Industrial spirited, armored football will remain Kang in the cattle-like Murkin psyche. But, in all of these sports, the calculations to reduce the humanity of the players always fail in spots. Two examples stand.
In the NFL, the switch to a running, injury prone, weak throwing quarterback, which is intended, along with Tom Brady’s letter to future quarterbacks, read by Morgan Freemen in late 2022, to change the image of “Captain America” from pale to dark, backfires in two key ways. First, the long and lean leaping wide receiver, always dark, who was supposed to make of scoring an all dark event, is being cut out of the scoring by his dark captain’s in ability to throw like an Aryаn. Rather, the dark captain has increasingly come to rely on tall, broad, smart and combative, Viking-like tight ends to catch short throws and then run over numerous small West Africans. So the conspiracy to relegate the cracker to the management staff on the sidelines, has merely flipped the scoring dance that used to feature a cracker throwing to a blacker and now increasingly features the opposite.
In baseball, I would cite Cedric Mullens, the smallest member of the Baltimore Orioles, a towering blacktino pitcher named Batista and a Dominican beefcake named Santondare. These were to add to the NFL flavor of the team, to dance and wiggle after scoring like some of the existing Orioles of color.
The two big, dark Latinos act like any expert cracker of old, paragons of power and technique who calmly salute the crowd rather than dance like some American slave on his master’s porch. Mullens, the only normal sized man on the team, has made the most remarkable plays of the season, and insists on comporting himself with a quiet dignity.
The great Over Eye might see all, but its calculations are so invested in appearance, that, like its most suffering subjects, the Master too is frustrated at every turn, as terrible IS and DOES forever intrude upon the fantastical realm of SHOULD.
-1. Her real metaphysical name.
-2. Contractors, security
-3. The best imitation baseball players do of the NFL slave jig is to prance in line and occasionally jump bump!
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Bones @FiveGunsWest     Apr 17, 2024

F word! What a hot piece! What great concise insights across a wide ranging variety of topics. Spot on brother. Thank you and thank you Lynne
maud'dib     Apr 21, 2024

sports ball is dead, only chucks watch/root for slavers
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