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A Brief History of the Future
Wednesday, November 8, 2023, Yakima Nation, Washington
© 2023 James LaFond
Travel and health have taken their toll on the yeti hoodrat hobo writing output. Once again, today, the eye is sizzling. In order to complete SPQR, a full length novel, Slave a novella, and make significant strides in Plantation America and Aryаs histories, I shall decline to do any travel writing. If I get mugged, it will go into a novel. This journalistic declination, this reporter retrograde, will occupy this entire winter. When spring comes, I’ll began writing travel again. This jives with my current happy home residence being predicated on my not writing anything about my time with those kind people who have offered me shelter after I lost my garage spot and all my winter clothes.
In the meantime, I thought that you long suffering readers deserved…
That’s right, crackers, more suffering!
If I survive my time on this cozy Indian Reservation and get back to the dive bar in Portland, I shall schedule this post to appear on January 1.
Near Future Predictions
-1. All cause death under USG tranny tyranny shall continue to increase, with cancer, stroke and heart problems leading the way.
-2. PIGZ, AKA police, will continue to rob people. This activity, being to the good, as Aristotle would say, since whining unarmed slaves will be being taxed by their armed masters, will continue to increase, with God’s Blessings. Yes, I do BELIEVE that I can speak for Eternity on this count.
-3. PIGZ, due to defund the police lack of overtime and raises, will begin hiring out, in uniform, out of uniform, on duty and off duty, as private thugs for rich people. If you go and date some rich dude’s ex wife, I told you so.
-4. Federal cops, like ApesTokingFemurs, DickExtensionAssociates, FecalButtInvestigators, and such are going to get in more directly on cop grifts. Where, before, select feds took a cut of interstate grifts like BPD PIGZ robbing people of things in high demand in Philly, feds are just going to go for it, straight up robbing you in airports, train stations and on interstates. They will call it something cooperative or compliant, but it will be a tax.
-5. Drug use and associated eugenic cleansing deaths will continue to increase.
-6. Drunkeness among your friends and associates will continue to increase.
-7. Weed psychosis will continue to increase.
-8. Meth psychosis will continue to increase.
-9. Gawd on Gawd murder will continue to decrease slightly, due to… Dazz, rite!, ‘cause da hunt fo Whitey! It is on, open season on your crackers! Why shoot a fellow Groe, even if he bangin’ yo bitch? Even iff ‘cause his bitch ass is a snitch? Shiee, home invade some white man! Why, ‘cause yo can! If he shoots you, you hit the jack pot. Tell the poleese he said da N word!, that you wrecked your car and were asking for directions…
-10. Violent crimes by Groes on Ghosts will continue to increase. Why? Why not!
-11. Investigations, prosecutions and convictions of Groe on Ghost crimes will continue to decrease.
-12. Prosecutions and incarcerations of Ghosts for the crimes of interfering with Reparations Recovery by their dark masters, will continue to increase.
-13. Global warming hysterics will continue to increase, even as, and especially because, actual cooling is ongoing.
-14. More war distractions from USG tranny tyranny will keep the Dough Joy nation looking, away, away, away over there.
-15. The DupeEasementAasswaxers will be looking for a purpose, with increased legalization of drugs. Being one of the most corrupt tranny agencies to begin with, I suspect that this organization will be repurposed for internal terrorist activity above and beyond the rampant pillaging of random citizens its operatives will increasingly engage in.
-16. A new factory made disease will appear.
-17. A vaϲϲine will be ready to combat this menace.
-18. Americans will continue to grow more obese.
-19. Cheap residential construction will continue to increase in suburban areas, as urban blight from Groe displacement of ghosts and rural displacement of ghosts by The Liches continues to increase.
-20. Home ownership will continue down as rentals increase.
-21. Either an asshole, a medical experiment or a bitch will become clown in chief of this phony nation and people will continue to care, beef over, and even experience grief, hope and belief over whoever the USG clown puppet is.
That was a lame set of predictions, as betting on continuation of trends is the easiest thing one can do. So, lets go out on a limb here:
My only chancy prediction, is that Major League Baseball will somehow get involved in the presidential elections, just as the NFL got involved in state and senate elections in 2022, perhaps by declaring stadiums poling places.
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