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Parked Family Egress
Parley Tactics from the New American Pacific Northwest: 11/5/23
© 2023 James LaFond
On October 31, arriving in Portland, I spoke with longtime correspondent Capoera Cane and he confided the following incident that we shall use as our focus:
“James, I am embarrassed to relate this to you. I was at a park with my daughter near a small community where Pacific Islanders are known to have gatherings, get drunk and fight. I broke some basic rules here.
“Yes, my daughter is twelve. We entered the car and before backing up, since there was an entire crowd behind us, I looked, checking to make sure all was clear, and two of the younger men approached me. They claim to be Micronesian. But these men are Polynesia by all appearances.
“I opened the door partially, looked behind me, and asked, ‘May I help you?’”
“I was punched in the face, grabbed and punched again and again. I was in a panic that one might have been gaining access to my daughter. As it turns out, they were both on me. I checked with my left hand from this half-seated position. As he hit me I kicked at his lower leg, trying to gain some leverage. I was not thinking so much as acting, or rather I was thinking in my mind while my body was acting, attempting to gain separation by repeating an unsuccessful tactic. I was wearing flip flops. My foot got shredded.
“Eventually some of the older men broke it up and apologized to me for the attack. I was not having it. I was pissed. I called the police and there was a quite a strong response. These people where known for making trouble at local parks and the police, who were white, did not want to deal with them. There was a palpable fear—a feeling—that there was going to be a racial event.
“The police were very responsive. I will never forget that one police officer cared for my foot in what must be described as a tender way. He was apologetic, was bothered about what had senselessly happened and that my daughter was there, and possible involved. I am at something of a loss as to how I could have done better in this situation.”
-Capoera Cane, 11/1/23
This was a good resolution.
You were wearing the worst footwear possible—high heels would have been better.
In mixed race setting parks are not places of concord but discord.
Your Daughter was not harmed.
You retained your vehicle.
You did not get arrested for combating a client of the System.
This might be a high moral watermark in your region of the nation, this being the Pacific Northwest. I know Cascadia residents of our diabolic pallor that have been attacked by such folks. When military age men are invited to immigrate and are subsidized for not working, their natural male instinct, which is feudal, will kick in. Such men of any race will have a desire for tribute, for taxation, for a gift given to demonstrate their social superiority. Many young men, when they see an older man who they imagine they could best in combat in possession of goods or women, experience a rising feeling of resentment. In this case, your car probably provoked a primal jealousy. It is no accident, that in the wake of the current System effort to limit car use by all of us, that car jackings are the most increased violent crime.
I would normally advise never to interact verbally with the warrior class. But it worked out fine. You were banged up a little. That is totally unimportant. Your daughter learned a valuable lesson, an experience you can use to coach her on how the two of you together might have escaped a more serious attack.
What if their women had gotten involved, if a weapon were produced, if the attack happened before you opened or entered your car?
You could use that experience which is surely imprinted in her mind at her age to workshop possible scenarios. I recall when her age at Double Rock Park in Baltimore County, MD, that boys a couple years older than me, were swearing and that my father yelled at them in his booming voice to cut it out. They complied. I resolved in my mind—and have never forgotten the incident—that if this had drawn an attack from the youths, that I would help Dad protect Mom, Sister and brother, who had not yet hit puberty.
I have some suggestions:
Assign your daughter phone duty. Have her take care of GPS and any calls or texts that need be made. This will permit you to focus more on an incident. I would not want her making videos or taking pictures, as that is often perceived as a threat.
With high-cohesion mixed-age groups verbal engagement with select members can be positive.
Bribery or taxes are appropriate.
Not far from you, in Portland, my friend Kelly once got to drinking with a mixed-racial group, mostly local rez worthies. The next morning, he woke up in bed between the Chief’s wife and sister!
The entire tribe of men were in the living room.
He bit the bullet, went out from the bedroom, received a standing ovation from the men, and handed the leader some cash so his men could buy more beer.
I would keep a 12-pack in the trunk, and in such situations approach the group, and say, “Excuse me, this is left over from a wake [the wake of our race] and I’d like to donate it. Have a great day!”
Approaching such a group zooms you status way up in their masculine hierarchy. Approaching the obvious leader or elder increases your status and his status. He now has a vested interest in your satisfaction. This presents your vehicle as a welcome sight rather than an object of jealousy among the young men, who are unlikely to be able to afford a vehicle purchase.
Handing over cash is a mistake. A 12 pack of Pub Beer or Pabst, something working class, like Hamms is a good idea.
In such interactions your daughter should not tag along but be away and undercover. Make it brief.
The way this went down is so much better than if you backed into the attackers, and caused a racial incident, as only you, being of EVIL PALLOR, may instigate a racial incident. They are pre-innocent of any race-based discord. You are pre-guilty. Don’t grow angry over the facts, use that fact, that you are EVIL and they are GOOD, and work it.
I rate your encounter as positive. It might possibly be recalled by those cops as the last time they were able to help a member of their own race who has been attacked by racial betters. You successfully resisted being pulled from our beaten senseless in, your vehicle, which housed your daughter.
She was not harmed.
She was informed that the world is a dangerous and complicated social space at the most important age that a young woman can be imparted with such a situation. You are also free to use this event, in which her behavior seems to have been excellent, as a springboard for you two to increase your survival options in an increasingly hostile world.
Additionally, it is more practical for a man to manage security in a parking zone when he is not the driver. As part of your daughter’s driver’s training, I suggest you make her the driver and you the dismount. A woman’s best chance is her vehicle, which is also a potential trap as well as an increased risk of targeting.
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