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Musings from the End of Mind
A Muse on The Mutable Post Аrуаn Perspective: December 3rd 2023, Portland, Oregon
© 2023 James LaFond
Aryan, so close as I have been able to determine, meant “of the war bands,” and has been in stages degenerated, degraded and denigrated. These separations from the spirit of origin for the warrior half of Western Civilization, being the barbarian conquerors, have fallen into such notions of an iniquitous inequity of racial privilege [majority notion], pure unthinking racial superiority [reviled minority notion], and of extra-racial aspiration to transhuman perfection.
As this mind loses its acuity in the mire of medicine that calms the raging nerves of what seems a degenerative condition long enough so that it’s brittle back might straighten before this writing device, it wonders at the genius what rules us. This false polarity, the beating, emotive heart of Western Civilization is a thing of sinister aspect that has slithered down through the ages to coil about what remains of humanity. Over 5,000 years this civilization has moved ever westward, its beating heart always pushing from sunrise to sunset:
The Bronze Age that tamed Gilgamesh collapsed in the Tragic Age that slew Achilles, bringing on the iron age where wandered Odysseus and Aeneas. From 3000 B.C. through this A.D. 2024 the center of what is called Western Civilization moved ever westward:
There were a few reactionary attempts to bring this process back to center, under Cyrus, the Corsican artillery officer and the Austrian architecture artist. [1] The weight of history, driven alternately by two polar forces, bore it ever westward. The polarity worked across the face of the past by barbarians from the hinterland conquering failing civilizations. These civilizations then corrupted the conquerors, the mechanics of money and power turning all into that which their forefathers had conquered. Homer warned of this when he described the degeneration of heroes down through the generations.
As the hither Asiatic money management system pioneered in ancient Sumer was conquered by morally robust honor cultures, these were colonized from within, the conquered management ethos then using the honor culture of the Aryаns to colonize and corrupt the entire world. The Anglo-American experiment is an excellent example of how the feminine art of capitulation based manipulation wells up and fully captures the heroic impulse and reforms it from conquest to inquest, an inward turning squabble of the descendants of warriors over the lot they once turned away from and left for their women and slaves. In many ways, the modern man’s mind consists of the heroic spark reduced from the engine of conquest to the mere ignition of economic mechanics.
It has been difficult for this reader to discover whether the heroic or the economic is the greater part of what we describe in our discussions as “The Western World,” in its origin. One sees across history a symbiosis that powers a cancerous reduction of the natural world at the center of the heroic ideal, from the world of the hunt, to the world of the garden. The Plantation Era provided the great turning away from the heroic through the tireless reduction of dear morality by the mere mechanics of economy.
This play of these polarities, unfolding for nearly 5,000 years, in the few hundred years since the Plantation Era made of the entire world a garden, ran out of new stages upon which to play. There is no new land, no new nation, no new race of people for the heroic to strike out against. Trapped as it is in the now vertical garden of Western Civilization, the heroic impulse is now bound in mimicry by such distractions as Sunday Football. For even war has been reduced to battle space management.
I have observed, in personal conversations, media proclamations, advertiser misrepresentations, government manipulations over this past year, that every quarter from which Thought was once expected, [2] that only emotion, feeling is projected. I discover no where, thinking, but rather collide with feeling, thought having been reduced to nothing other than a mechanism for steering emotion.
Whatever is left of the Aryаn hero complex, [3] which is a state in which an individual strives not for, but against, the worldly order, is largely confused by the highly mutable nature of that order, with definitions of good and evil reversing in weird time. What this portends is a question of speculation. It does, though, recall the fates of Roland and Beowulf, both perishing on behalf of those who essentially betrayed them: being Charlemagne the Weary and the dastardly thief of the Dragon’s Lair. That latter figure, seems to represent, the management Spirit of the West, the sneak-thief of Ages. Beowulf died protecting his folk from the awakened wrath of the Ages, and then the women sang a dirge, lamenting that their race had lost the last hero that would prevent their enslavement.
That song now whispers strong, in these, the addled days of our lives, in which all of us, are, by the definitions of Pharaoh and Caesar, by those King and Christ: slaves, bound as wives to our monstrous Husband, Government, and He to his scheming Master, Gain.
-1. A true measure that the muses that informed our ancestors are being strangled in their curtained precincts, is that I may not even discuss certain men of the Near Past without fear of retribution from all quarters.
-2. An unrealistic notion, that anymore than a tiny minority might actually think. The cult of critical thinking merely shackled those thinkers who believed in the process to the delusion that their many fellows are capable of thought.
-3. Heroic notions of most traditions place the hero as simply a champion. This has since been reduced to the hero as system casualty or victim. Modern heroism places the men eaten in the hall of Heorat as the hero, with the figure of the actual hero, Beowulf, conflated in a notion of collective governance and service, that may weave a secure civic web impervious to monsters spawned by Fate, which the author of that poem opined was an instrumentality operated by God.
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Barry Bliss     May 28, 2024

" these, the addled days of our lives, in which all of us, are, by the definitions of Pharaoh and Caesar, by those King and Christ: slaves, bound as wives to our monstrous Husband, Government, and He to his scheming Master, Gain."

Worth repeating.
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