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Crackpot Activity Accessibility Update: 12/12/23
© 2023 James LaFond
The computer is here, but I can’t figure it out. Eventually I’ll be sleeping on someone’s couch who understands how these things work.
I have attained a sub par writing pace of just under 30 chapters a month. [1] I will try and beat that this month to complete SPQR. Most of the November and December writing has been history for Patreon and the main site. The amount of Plantation America finds have been so vast that the overflow will be posted on the main site beginning in May.
The main site is currently scheduled out through May, with history and biography looking to be the focus for weekday content. I have made the command decision to send what travel writing I do over the winter to Lynn for Substack. For those of you that read on that platform, that means more timely posting of urban blight reporting, dive bar politics and burglarized train conversations.
I still have no email capacity. In case you tried to contact me, I’m sorry. I expect to be able to access emails in February, certainly by May. My writing computer works for making posts on the main site and for skype. I have discovered that it is quicker, much more so, to send articles to Lynn via copy and paste on the substack message function than email. I cannot, however, send entire books. So, if we have skyped before you can contact me that way.
I think I have finally figured out how I’m being managed by whatever abc faction has that duty. Thank you, sirs. I’m honored. I strive not to bore you. If you would simply be kind enough to have me shot or run over while I crutch to the train station one of my books might begin to sell…
Yes, the writing capacity has been reduced by the need to exercise 4 hours a day just to be able to sit that long and write. I have not figured out how to write lying on my back. I cannot use audio record, as my brain does not work very well while speaking and the style would be unrecognizeable. As well, speaking blows the nerve that blows up my eye, which sizzles like bacon alongside the head.
Additionally, the damaged femoral nerve in my right leg, has gotten worse, not better, with every attempt to rebuild some of the lost muscle in that leg. My top speed is 1 MPH. Walking a mile puts me on my back for 12 hours. The nerve medicine makes me more sleepy, as does the stuff for the eye. There seems to be a relationship between the nerve inflamed in my head since 2006, which became acute in 2019, and the femoral nerve which became impinged in 2017 and became crippling this past June. The femoral nerve in the left leg is now starting to light up. I mention these things as an excuse for my low performance in writing. I think my nonfiction style has suffered.
I have begun some new projects:
-Nihil, a novel
-I Could Not Kiss Ass!, biography
-Battle, a table top war game
-Fay Away, this winter’s journal
-In These Parts, biography
The biographies will probably remain incomplete as they depend upon my health, the health of Bob and Kelly, and my access to them. I plan on asking to write the biographies of the various men I stay with while with them, as that is content that is easy on the eye. History is tough on the eye due to using print and text sources. Fiction is tough due to the need to reread multiple times and the fact that it is written in a deeper trance than the rest.
Beginning in January, I will not schedule posts for Tuesday and Thursday. When I regain the ability to accept guest posts I’ll schedule these for the next open Tuesday or Thursday.
In the meantime, I am fortunate to see American bloom into its full monstrous comic nature, like The Sons of Aktor, conjoined twin chariot drivers. I have been noting Fox and CNN news at various bars and am pleased that democrats and republicans both agree in perpetual foreign war and only disagree on what shithole nation need be visited with satellite-directed death from above. To see Republicans arguing for war against Aryаnistan and democrats beating the drums for war against “Communist,” Ruscavoy which practices their very own ideology, is hilarious. I hope that Uncle Satan and Aunt Karen both get their wish of perpetual war, two wars at a time, if you please!
I do not think I will be doing any podcasts again. It has to be in person. I have to speak too loudly on remote platforms. However, if I make it back to Mister Grey, expect to see some interviews on Inthesegoingsdown. Also, Incognegro, over at hobo history, is still sitting on over 40 hours of interviews with this crumbling cracker.
In the interim, please enjoy your Winter Solstice.
Take care, James, Portland, Oregon, Tuesday, I think.
-1. I think my high was 187 and my median between 60 and 90 for a handful of years. I can keep the existing platforms going with 25 chapters a month. It will be harder to complete the larger history books, but there are already three Plantation America and three Aryаs books complete and awaiting print.
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Barry Bliss     Dec 13, 2023

Take care of yourself, James.
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