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Which Will It Be, Boiling or Freezing?
Don Quotays Cues the Global Cooling Kook
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Which Will It Be, Boiling or Freezing?
Don Quotays
Mon, Dec 11, 2023, 6:26 AM
to me
Apparently the cooling trend is so obvious now that the elites have had to switch horses, while still going down the road of CO2 being evil.
"Afterword from the translator:
Well, quite a few of the climate cultists’ “cancelled” scientists have been warning about a next cold spell, possibly mini ice age, for a decade or so, because of the next “Grand Solar Minimum”, which is a recurring event, a natural CYCLE, and which the Earth is going into right now. Although they admitted that they have no way of knowing for how long this cycle will last this time. The last “Little Ice Age” lasted, on and off, for around 450 years, give or take a few. And as the article states, these people will use the (by them) declared “culprit” CO2 for this. After all, they own the science nowadays and anything that can be roped into the doctrine of their ‘Death — for us, the useless eaters — Cult’ is more than welcome to the sycophants of the globalist psychopaths."

Sir Quotays,
The climate cultists are continuing to push man made global warming due to unseasonable warmth in certain areas like the Pacific Northwest, which has generally been a counter climate. New Hampshire last winter saw 9 feet of rain in 12 hours. California has suffered deluges two winters going now. The point here is that the last mini ice age, which lasted from roughly 1300 to 1830 was preceded by 50 years of unusual storm activity. It really kicked off with rain, not snow, with the deluge of 1315-19 causing grain crop failure and numerous types of livestock plagues, and kicking into full gear in the mid 1300s with The Black Death,
I also recommend, for people who suspect that Sol, the Son, Helios, is more powerful than us burning rocks and sticks, in light of the fact that the rise in CO2 levels follows warming trends by 150 years, Worlds in Collison by Velikovsky, as a primer for the chance that we may also be facing a long cycle catastrophe from a comet or from the galactic core. Russian ambitions in the Ukraine are partially fueled by the prediction by Russian climate scientists that the next solar minimum will be longer and deeper. In light of Canadian crop failures, we are lucky that they are already the slaves of Uncle Sham and less numerous, or they would be migrating south like the swarms of duck, geese and snow geese now wiping out grain crops in the U.S. for loss of feed in their Canadian haunts.
Keep in mind that the elites want us expecting warming while they plan for cooling, so that we will not have a chair at the smaller table that God arranges for us. A pentagon think tank has predicted that U.S. population will plummet by 60% [proabbly from Vaxx Kill] by early mid century. The elites believe this, as evidenced by their unprecedented mass importation of people from warm climates who will be dependent on subsidy rations and will eventually be weak competition for Brill Yates, Hefe Brazos and Shekelberg, after they are used to drive us to extinction. If Orange Man is not judicially prevented from ascending the Satanic Throne once again, expect a 2019 level plague release to facilitate mail in and online voting. This will also help thin the herd for the mid century cull.
Take care in the grain belt sir—you are well positioned,
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