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"Yappie Metaphysics"
A Dialogue With Achilleas
© 2024 James LaFond
Greetings Mr. LaFond!
Wed, Oct 18, 2023, 1:27 AM
to me
How are you Mr. LaFond? Do you feel better? I was thinking about you the other day and wandering if you are back in full health?
[I have been classified as crippled by my health carrier. Metabolic health is perfect. Mechanical health ranges from 5% to 70% of pre injury status, the injury being June 5. I should know by April, how much disability is perminant. I am trying to get as thin as possible as my shoulders and left knee are beginning to fail from dragging the dead leg around. I am blessed with friends who i used to do heavy work for, being happy to have me cook, clean and do women's work for a place to sleep.]
I've seen the latest videos on the "InTheseGoingsDown" and as you've told me at our last conversation I'll leave a comment on the latest video!
[That man is a friend of 22 years and does good work.]
By the way, do you know when you'll publish the "Sons of Aryаs" online? My friends wanted to buy the book to read my foreword...He he! I swear I didn't send it to them and told them to buy the book when it releases! Ha ha!
[I can't publish anything in print—I'm retarded. I have yet to edit Sons and put your forward in. The version on this site is what I wrote in 2020 that you reviewed. I am currently editing Beasts and writing Shrouds. When the edits are done, the new version will be placed in that ebook slot in the library and dispersed to those who bought the rough draft. I do not expect many more of my books to make it into print in my lifetime. The three people who have been assigned their publication are young and overrun by life duties. Currently, the version of Sons I have I cannot edit and am awaiting a clean document from my editor. The first book will thus be the last.]
All the best Mr. LaFond! Onwards and upwards!
[Thank you so much for uplifting my spirits when I was too hurt to write.]
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James LaFond <>
Wed, Jan 3, 9:48 PM (13 hours ago)
to Achilleas
The rough draft is on sale on the site.
I don't know if any of my work will see print again at this point.
I'm crippled, in the mountains writing novels that will never be read.
when I get Beasts and Sons proofed I'll send them and you can publish them.
Take care, young man.
12:20 AM (11 hours ago)
I'm sure that what you are going through is very tough but on the other hand I envy you. You are free. You don't have to bow down to "yappie metaphysics" as I call them. And I am sure that the people that help you out are actual men and not 21st century sissies. That's refreshing. Trust me. In my line of work estrogen is the prominent hormone...especially when it comes to my "men" colleagues. No wonder a lot of women in the West are turning lesbo. I'm sure that there are more women out there that embody manly values in an actualized fashion. You should look at these descendants of Herakles, Odysseus and Digenis Akritas I'm working with. They are walking around with ties and suits begging to become millionaires whilst working 10 hours a day and barely making ends meet, even though they've been working for twenty years.
You are free from having to deal with that. You can finally be a monastic. A lot of hero-kings actually did that in Byzantium as well. From the army, to kingship, to mount Athos. The Hero's journey if you will.
Breathe the fresh air of the mountains and write Mr. LaFond. I guarantee you that if these books can be put online people will read them.
I truly hope you'll become more functional. I'll pray for you. All the best.
You are a good man.
All the best Mr. LaFond!
James LaFond <>
10:50 AM (37 minutes ago)
to Achilleas
will post as an article tomorrow,
Thank you so, Much, man.
as long as I can limp and write I
m good.

I would like to say something about our Aryаs series reader, here, that he is of heroic spirit and declined to do his corporate and civic duty to aid and abet invaders of his country who are raping the native women. When bosses and government asked him to be a rapist apologist and enabler he declined and took a less profitable role in life.
It is interesting to me that so many readers, who have been far more successful than I in this world, who have attained a sustainable living and the ability to house, move and provide for their family, where I failed dreadfully, hold this old crumb in their hearts as an avatar of sorts. The world must be much crueler than it claims to be if those owning a home and a chariot in the village and town—and even a proud tower or two—see the vagabond adrift on the sea of fate, as having escaped!
Achilleas may publish in print or ebook, in his native language, any of my works he wishes. Additionally, I would like Achilleas to publish the fictions I am currently working on in English as paperbacks. If the answer is yes, young man, I will send what I am working on when complete. Incognegro has enough paperbacks to keep him busy for years and Lynn has the hardback rights to everything and a lifetime of editing and publishing already on her desk.
Thank you for your help and encouragement.
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