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A Deluge, Just a Little One: 1/5/24
Opening The Winter He Mail Box This Once: 1/4/24
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I recently spoke with my editor, publisher, caretaker, medical coordinator remote little bossy sister, Lynn.
Thanks to living this month with a big brained young yeti nimbus, this email machine works. I know that Lynn has been taking care of some crucial emails, like medical and donation stuff.
I asked her how many emails were there and she said she had saved 85 for me:
"I deleted and blocked solicitations, publishers, hookers, substandard female groupies, that homo who you gave the interview to in Portland—cleaned it up, What is left are real emails."
Last night, I read or deleted all 85 and earmarked 16 to answer and half of those for articles. When I was in Portland drinking with Beast O'Neal he did say in his Gaelic accent, "I do miss the deluge, that avalanche of content you used to post."
Well, my friend, after I rest this eye that is sizzling out of my ringing head, I will get on the back of the site where I have loaded the email cues, and write like I once did.
After that, after January 6, I am not checking emails again until I hit Pittsburgh on March 31.
I have two novels to complete this month, and am neck deep in Shrouds of Aryаs. I will be annotating and summarizing The Song of Roland, as it is related to one of the novels and is the final portion of Shrouds.
The blizzard of bad ideas hits the fan on Friday.
Thank you all for even caring what I think let alone taking it seriously.
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