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Where Do I Go?
Musings on Getting Off the Anti-Autonomy Grid
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Where do I go
12:11 PM (1 hour ago)
to me
James I am living in the Great Lakes region and need to get out. Is there anywhere in the US I can actually establish myself as a free man. I do not want to be a slave. Slaves birth slaves.

This is a slave nation. So being a criminal or being homeless is your only option for actual freedom. However, fractional autonomy is always there for the person willing to carve it out. [See Alienation Nation, 2015] Husband was a term created to recognize the enslavement of a male subject by binding him to a house and holding his family hostage for his good behavior. This is the basis for civilization, which we are unlikely to change in the short term.
Sir, I had this conversation with The Colonel's Wife yesterday as she asked me for advice on train travel.
Retiring from working in one of Uncle Satan's most evil cities, Seattle, The Colonel and Wife moved to remote Montana. They ran into retirement refugees from Chicongo, Maryland, New York, all of the evil nodes of satanic control. These folks are much wealthier, retired executives, people with double government pensions, Social Security, investments and so on. These people are living in a super high rent district because the billionaires have beat everyone to the most remote places, leaving the urban nests they fouled ahead of the flock.
The fact is, wherever you go, within 8 years, that location will be found by the millionaires and billionaires they serve, and your taxes and rent will go up, globo-homo laws will come in with the daughters of the rich who will run the government, and their private cops from majority African cities will bring the muscle to make you mind.
I go to east Tennessee were 50+% of residents are recent immigrants, and the writing is on the wall there.
Boise, Idaho, a prime Murkin flight zone, was colonized by the government as soon as it was noted as an escape zone. Now the city is like every other city in the U.S., same shit, same shitty people...
In the West, you actually have towns with names like Government Camp, Oregon. No shit.
A massive migration of every class of ghost people, homeless drug addicts, retirees, rich, poor, middle class, is under way. This serves the government and their banking masters. The instinct is to flee to good weather and to the old frontier, mountains, western, southern areas, as far away from the centers of Evil.
Get a map and circle the 20 largest cities, that have population growth. Check to make sure the population loss is not simply being pushed into the adjacent municipality. You want a real population sink. For instance, every person Baltimore loses goes to Baltimore County, pushing outward. You would not move in that path, but behind it, actually into the horrid city.
If you do not chose to homestead behind the groe wave of Gawdly reparations, make sure you move at least 120 miles from one of those centers.
Note that these flight zones from Baltimore and Philly meet around Wilmington, Delaware. Avoid such salients as they will be besieged.
People fleeing Portland, go to the coast if they can. People from worse places are still mobbing to Portland, and, as they seek better lives, make it worse for those there.
Northern California looks great, except it is government land run by Mexican Narco Mobs.
I like Willamuka. Nevada, Cofax California and helper Utah. Look for small towns on train routs, not bus routs and not interstates.
The people that change your laws and police you come by plane and interstate. Get away from those as far as possible.
The people that actually beat your sons and rape your daughters, come by plane and bus. Get on a train line rather than a bus line. Airports, are Satan's distribution hubs for dispensing evil into the world.
I Like Oklahoma, Iowa and Nebraska.
Wyoming I love, but the water is not accessible to you in rural settings and the Kardashians have beat you there.
You have to home school if you don't want slave children.
Ideally you can make money online and can pick a depressed area where there is little traditional work in an area with lower cost of living.
There will be criminals, due to the meth and fent plagues in those regions of despair. These will mostly be property criminals, not killers, like with Groes.
You want to move behind the wave, not in front of it. You cannot fight Leviathan any more than a Jap could stop Godzilla with a pistol. That is what Godzilla was about, a traditional culture being swallowed by Leviathan—America.
For instance, in NE Baltimore City, you can move in behind the hoodrat wave that is chasing the millionaires out of the adjacent County. In 8 more years a new wave of imported Muslims and Africans will be sent in to clear you out. But, where ever you move, it cannot be permanent. The greatest political machine in human history, owning more warplanes [dragons] than all other nations combined, is dedicated to, and has been since its infancy, to ejecting working people from major centers and then following that economically displaced population and taking over what they built in desperation.
Right now, this year, I would suggest Exeter Missouri. The area was raped by big food companies that got tax breaks for creating jobs and then brought in illegal and legal alien work forces instead of hiring locals. Prime Rocky Mountain country is out of the question.
In your zone, Burlington, Iowa is a good initial refuge.
You must be 100 miles from a ski resort, or the billionaires will clear you out.
North Carolina, Florida and Tennessee are 5 years from being up priced and have most of the urban refugees now that will not cause a total corruption. The West is mostly government land. I like the Mid Appalachian watershed from Pennsylvania Down to North Georgia. But, everyone with a brain is heading there, which means all the bad problems you are facing will move east from Memphis, Northwest from Georgia and West from Washington D.C. within 20 years. Right now the government has a shortage of Groes. once they get the Groes they need from Angola [they have an Angolan refugee camp in Oregon] Nigeria, Ghana, Somalia, Kenya, etc., they will be sent after your refuge.
Another metric is to look at the Hindu managerial class being brought in.
Move to an area they have not targeted with their grocery franchises. Look up a map of the Patal Brothers grocery chain and make sure you are 100 miles outside their service area.
In forced migration situations place knowledge is outdated quickly.
You need a migratory method, more than an ideal destination.
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Bones     Jan 20, 2024

Northern California looks great, except it is government land run by Mexican Narco Mobs.

More and more people are getting killed on their daytrips into the Plumas and Tahoe national forests now. Parks in SoCal are no goes. Whole canyons are filled with garbage from migrants 'walking' through. Cartels are growing weed in all the nat parks. Don't stray off the beaten paths. Doing so can get you raped, tortured and killed. Don't even bother getting those senior passes to the park unless you bring your own body bag.
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