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James Anderson
Novelist, Poet, Historian, Rugby Player, Knucklehead, Broadsword Fencer, James Anderson
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James has texted me that he has sent numerous emails to me for fiction and nonfiction to post on this site on Tuesdays and Thursdays, when i no longer schedule posts.
Unfortunately, until April 15, I will not be able to access my emails.
Also, my flip phone is not capable of communicating with this computer.
James and i are hoping to get together back east, somewhere between Mooncricket-Haunted Zamboula and Lich-Ruled Stygia to do some pulp fiction video discussions in Mid 2024, provided he is available between Raids on Pictland and Argos.
James, i am sorry, but the tribe I'm living with is as low tech as i am, their pet Wendigo.
Load the email box up with separate emails for each article, story, etc, and once Motherboard gets me back online, i' will schedule you for the Tuesday and Thursday slots.
Oh, Motherboard. the novel, whenever it runs, is mostly autobiographical, based on actual events and dreams from the wells of decrepitude. i set it in a post apocalyptic frame so it would seem more believable. The Motherboard and Tinman characters, and supporting cast, are real folks who i trust not to sue me for candor.
I don't know when Motherboard is scheduled to begin posting, but the linking tag is above.
James, maybe you could use the comment section here to post a link to your site.
Also, readers, by following the guest author tag above you will find live links to James' site.
I can now walk—just not uphill—and box. A soon as this bronchitis clears up, Beast O'Neal, Dog Soldier and i will be boxing.
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James Andersen     Feb 7, 2024

James! Glad to hear your physical state is improving. Thank you for the profile and the update...stay warm up there.

For those interested my website is:
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