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Why are Frost Giants getting into MMA?!
Achilleas Observes and Asks
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Why are Frost Giants getting into MMA?!
Tue, Jan 30, 4:05 AM
to me
Hi Mr. LaFond! Long time no talk! I hope that you feel better. I've read the blog post you did on your health and mobility slightly improving and you being able to workout with light weights! That's excellent news! That post really did make my day when I've read it. Onwards and upwards!
I wanted to pick your brain once again (you are probably sick of the noisy Greek by now, and I don't blame you!). Long story long, as I've told you before, even though I've been in and out of martial arts for eight years now, when I first started training in MMA and Tai Chi in London I was an MMA fanatic (watching everything from the PANCRASE and PIRDE days). And for some reason after a while I stopped caring, especially after I had seen all of the PRIDE events and, finally, when I've realized that RIZIN was no PRIDE, not even close.
I kept training but I didn't keep up with the sport. I know retards that watch the UFC vehemently, even though they've never taken a punch to the face themselves (which is more than suspect for a fight fan in my book), and when I see them commenting on fights on the internet I don't know ANYONE from any MMA roster of either Europe or America.
I realized that I fell out of love with the sport a long time ago. One of the obvious reasons is that everyone became too good. That made for extremely boring fights. Everyone became so good through training, knowing what works and what doesn't (and highly specific "pharmaceuticals") that every fight, pretty much, looks exactly the same. No more fights between the "wrestler" and the "striker". Now it's just Robot 1 vs Robot 2 with a lot of talking (high-school drama acts before the fights in which grown men, literally, make "yo mama" jokes so that the average retard will buy the ticket).
But I've also noticed something more sinister as our world gets gayer by the minute. It seems that ex-strongmen (or current strongmen) are getting a lot of money to fight in MMA. By watching these people spar I've realized that (if you are not a professional athlete making money off of the sport you are competing in) overspecialization in one sport completely retards your growth in martial arts. By watching sparring, and fighting, footage from these people both in boxing and in MMA, it looks like a guy at their weight with some athletic attributes and six months of serious training could actually beat them up badly... That is a sad realization Mr. LaFond. That the world's strongest men (and it's a fact that these people are the world's strongest men, no ifs or buts) can be KOed by a "nobody" martial artist.
And that brings me to my final point. Why all the obsession with giants fighting? I mean it's not like they are talented, or that their punches are more powerful than the average martial artists (on the contrary these people are so jacked they can only throw arm punches). I think that there is an esoteric element to what's going on. The obvious reason is money, freak-show "end of Rome" fights etc. This is well-known and documented, but I think that the System wants us to get completely and utterly convinced of the fact that we are powerless.
When the average person watches giants get beat up and KOed consistently, he finally "realizes" that he is powerless.
"If the world's strongest men can get humiliated and thrown around like ragdolls by nobodies, what could happen to me?". I actually think that the esoteric reason behind all of the above is mass demasculinization.
"Do you think getting strong will save you? Do you think that boxing training will save you? The Frost Giants themselves are being thrown around! What could you possibly do? And yes, I do want extra Ketchup packets with my fries!"
Does your "Cube" book deal with any of the above?
Godspeed Mr. LaFond!

You fanatic!
Achilleas, you made me grin above the muse addled din.
Tagged above is Cube, which looks at what i think the future of MMA will be if the infrastructure of the West holds for another century.
Also tagged is Last Whiteman, which is a picture of a fallen West that no longer supports spectacles of mass emotive control.
Your observation is correct in intent of the system to emasculate by making fetish bots of our most masculine men. Money corrupts the athlete.
The money comes from the desire of the non combatant to see a combatant fall, to fuel his continued FAITH in the Security State, in which his status is connected to his feminine right to be protected or avenged by third party combatants. Professional prize fighting only exists in decadent civilizations and never in tribal or feudal settings. Strong monarchs suppress prize fighting and dueling.
Most fans are not combatants and what they want to see is a man better than they fall.
The latest craze has been men fawningly watching females being KO'd by females, the most debased fate a male can attain, other then putting on a wedding dress and begging drugs in an ally.
Achilleas, thank you so much for your support—and yes, the DPD Yoga helped me fix the posture of some of my spinal exercises. I intend to have a machet duel in May.
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