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hows it hanging
Fri, Feb 23, 7:24 PM
to me
Hows it going ol' hobo?
survived your medical procedures?
Since the last time i wrote i got one invitation to a "Mensur", ritual german fencing which entire point is to scar up your face, simply because the guy who invited me is a bit scared of the whole ritual himself, and i already have a scared up face.
And this guy isn't some sissy. Oldschool hool, hard boozer who liked to beat up entire clubs and bars for the sake of it. And now hes a engineer, married, two kids almost teenager age, and daddy can't show up to the parents-teacher conference with a busted mug.
Also i got an invitation to some "self defence courses" with this guy.
[redacted video]
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A student of Paul Vunak, trainer for, amongst others, BOPE. The guy who invited me was so hyped "OH MAN THIS GONA BE BADASS" and then, then he fucked it up, cause his Exwife tells him he has the boy for the weekend.
And seriously, i feel old. I am not suppose todo this shit anymore. I have a busted eye, a busted eardrum and my limbs burn. And yet i am for these guys, either married or divorced guys with kids who have their fighting days behind them, give me an address when they look for a gladiator.

You should be honored.
"It hurts when most of my fighters say, "You are done, to old, work the corner, you've earned your beard, you can't fight anymore because Steven Hawkins is dead!"
I don't know your age. You sound late 30s early 40s when most guys pack it in for good.
I am still crippled. I cannot stick fight or knife duel. I can box, but have to bang in the pocket, which isn't so good for an old runt. But, I am certain i can duel with some of the longer blunt machetes and an umbrella against a machete for instance. I am going to use my last days to do some tests of improvised tools against machetes.
These men want you for spirit and method. Become a smarter fighter, change styles to get a little more out of the only meaningful thing we have done.
I want to use my aluminum medical cane against a machete.
Erique has agreed—its on... I just need someone to carry my kit so I don't land in a stretcher before i get to the ring.
Let us know how your training and fighting goes.
I liked Vunak's adaptation of Inosanto's curriculum.
Good Norns.
Why are Frost Giants getting into MMA?!
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