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Favourite Books?
A New Reader is Curious about a Sequel to Of Lions and Men
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Favourite books
Thu, Apr 18, 12:40 PM (3 days ago)
Hi James
My name is Nicky. I am currently reading Of Lions & men and love it. I have recently been put on to your work by another writer. I was wondering what are some of your favourite books ? Also are you writing the next in series to Of Lions ? I look forward to hearing from you and reading more of you work.
Kind regards

The shill in me is glad I didn't wait another three months to check emails.
Nicky, thanks for buying Of Lions and Men. My niece gets that money, which makes me glad.
By the way you spell favorite, i am honored to find that you are from a civilized nation beyond the destestible spawning pool of cadpoles that spewed me into the world.
Of Lions and Men was an historical look at masculine traditions, kind of aside book to the main series, which progressed like so:
Taboo You, on Lateral Masculinity
Incubus of Your Sacred Emasculation, on Hierarchical Masculinity
The Third Eye: on Masculine Standpoint [the worst of the series]
At the End of Masculine Time, on Vestigial Masculinity
These three titles are anthologized, with additional chapters in Under The God Of Things
Masculine Axis: the first book I did with Lynn Lockhart, which is a metaphysical look at masculinity.

Sir, it is my opinion that the only books that succeeded as concepts, in which I did not lose focus, are, in order from best to less:
  • Taboo You
  • Incubus of Your Sacred Emasculation
  • Barbarism versus Civilization
I recall Of Lions and Men starting out strong and then scattering into an anthology of articles.
I would also suggest He: Gilgamesh Into the Face of Time.
For the most complete listing of my books see these two links, as much of my work is shadow banned and Bling, the search engine of Macroshaft and Brill Yates, has delisted us.
Hardbacks Books edited by Lynn Lockhart:
Paperbacks from Gaiazon, edited by my Dumbass:

Sir, thank you so much for your support.
I check my emails when I have internet and a computer that can get online without dying on me, which is about 4 assorted months a year depending on what region I am in. I do not read comments or answer them unless my webmaster threatens me.
He is so mad that i eschew commentary on my work using a function he built from scratch that he trolls me with pop up comments and emails—which i rarely see!
I think this will come to blows soon. We may have a medically retired boxing match over this personal feud.
He asked me how to train for it and I recommended he adopt a strict diet of chips and beer.
Aspects of Ocular Overrule
A Brief History of the Future
within leviathan’s craw
winter of a fighting life
honor among men
by the wine dark sea
shrouds of aryаs
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