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Dear Knuckleheads
A Stick & Blade Sparring Tour: An Open Letter
© 2024 James LaFond
A third into this summer’s journey west I have discovered encroaching limits upon physical activity. It seems that anywhere a backpack goes on my back, that crutches need be under these emaciated arms. I can, though, still spar, and would like to give that activity one last year. [1]
There are men who have supported me in the past, who I would like to meet before the journeying is done, and some who I wish to see again. These men are in Phoenix Arizona, Albacore [can’t spell it to save my life] New Mexico, Denver Colorado, Exeter Missouri, Houston Texas and Joliet Illinois. This trip is being planned for March and April 2025. If you are in this travel arc and would like to spar, you need only provide the gear.
I am required back east in May 2025.
I am hopeful that the hips will carry me on a second round of travel in 2025. I would like that to include a final trip to Richmond, Virginia. I have heard that there are stick fighters there. If you are them, or know them, I can take a weekend trip down to Richmond while I’m in Maryland with my saber mask, gloves and training knives and would be thrilled to do some stick and knife sparring. I can still spar boxing, but am so slow you might fatigue of boredom in the target rich environment. I’m still a pain in the neck to get rid of with weapons. So that might be worth something to an active fighter.
I am dedicated to putting on the gloves and crossing sticks in the 62nd year of this misbegotten jeer. If you would like to get in some sparring with the most often hit living stick target, give me a text and a call at:
-James LaFond, Selek Washington, 6/28/24
-1. The wheelygig suit case carry on that rolls behind you has been suggested, and rejected for the following: it is impossible to use with crutches and awkward with a cane, it weighs more than a back pack, leading something to one side is unbalancing for the hip, both of which have torn ligaments, and is only good on pavement, and is too unwieldy as a shield back in Baltimore when the groes come for me.
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maud'dib     Jun 30, 2024

You need to get with the FEDs for either a "Cocoon Bath" to regenerate your insides or get the "Elysium" exoskeleton. Either will help mobility!
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