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Fake & Destroy: Campus of Saints
A Shamerika Survey for the Dark Side of Leap Year 2024: Selek, Washington, 6/28/24
© 2024 James LaFond
The Webmaster has sensed something quivering in the silken web of the white widow of deception that is the fetid ruling organism of our lives. He too has been traveling, even as he migrated this badthinking place to another ether cave. Perhaps, as travelers do, he too has noted the extreme divergence from Reality as lived to that “reality” reported by the rented faces leased by whoever our unseen masters are.
As I added a tag on the control panel of this amazing site I noted he had placed a Fake&Destroy tag. Perfect, I thought, for this smoke and mirrors year. For, the leap year is the year of our cyclic mesmerism when our collective mind is dragged out of time and injected with mythic misguidance. But, I noted, yesterday, that this bad thinker has scheduled out Monday/Wednesday/Friday through December 1. This means that, if I stuck with my stated goal of posting six months out, to keep my cowardly ass out of the USG sling, that the four year fake will have already been executed when this post went live.
The chickens cluck in the pen beyond this cool trailer door as I sit in hat, coat, quilted pants, wool socks and boots, writing in this brand new recliner purchased for this writing task by my kind benefactor: the Christian man who is slaving away in the big city as I write. [0] When he picked me up from the train station he was bubbling forth his own observations on the evil seething world he serves, confiding in his hobo bard.
We exchanged social observations gleaned from our very different locations and activities, helping us make better sense of the projected “nonsense.” My feet are cold as the cat, the evil black one, knocks at the camper door for me to come out and let her into the big house. Let that hunter prowl; I’m not cold enough yet to serve my alien mistress her whim. I miss Amos and Izzy—the big dogs now residing in New Mexico eating critters there. Here, in the renovated camper I first resided in in Washington State five years ago, I languish on the far side of 60, only 9 month from the age when my sire, and my grandsire before him, received their mortal notice.
What am I to do with the remaining work?
There are 20 odd books in the works and 75 complete and unpublished, to be put into print. I have decided to devote the autumn of this smoke and mirrors year, to publishing those works. There are 4 grandchildren and 1 godchild on the way, that I would like to inherit a piece of this misbehavior. Lynn and her darlings have all the hardback rights. For the remaining paperbacks, I have asked the parents of these five to set up bank accounts for the book proceeds to go. There are 7 categories of books. I will take the payments from 2 and assign the other 5 categories to the children. This should clear the domestic debt decks for action—for more geriatric misbehavior.
In the mean time, under the dusky-handed drum of this advanced fake&destroy media ministry, I intend to use this tag, to drop short antinews dreadlines, as cryptically as possible to avoid becoming the target of a fagnet strike. Forgive, please, the creative wording. For, this coward shrinks from exposing the dawning misdeeds of he who took The Son, upon the high place and offered him all the world to rule. These more timely, and less lucid posts, will be scheduled for the next open Tuesday or Thursday.
Campus of Saints
The only Founding Fathers that clearly framed themselves as cultural colonizers and thought police, were congregationalist, who named themselves “The Saints.” These were, ironically, Paleo-Atheist worshipers of contracts and wielders of “money magic.” Although they are thought of today as the staunchest Christians, their ideological descendants on the Northeast University Campus’ they founded, are transhuman Atheists. This apparent transmogrification that makes little sense on its face, does track if we look to the Fake&Destroy Cycle. [1]
We, especially the agnostics, secular humanists and atheists, have been conditioned to believe we live in a Christian world, when we in fact, live in a demonic world. We have also been taught that the Christian world post dates the heathen world, when they are really one in the same.
Why, did not the Catholic or Protestant church fathers assign Christian names to even a single day of the week?
The Maimed Warrior
The One-Eyed God
Mother Lust
Time, chained in the deepest underworld…
These pagan and heathen names were never replaced by those who knew, those who wore those who supposedly ruled like hand puppets in the dance of deception.
When God himself, was demoted to trustee of fake money, of private currency masquerading as public security, the image of our Deliverer would be forever in our minds crookedly seen in shadowed mirrors as the fetters of our false-tongued binder. [2]
Oh, Prince, between the age when the Sirens drowned Prometheus…
Are things foundational predictive?
We live in a transsexual confabulation cross-dressing as a nation.
That is sensible in that The Statue of Liberty, towering over the Empire State City, actual capital of the world’s greatest imperialistic power, alternately masquerading as a republic or a democracy, but never having been either, is not Lady Liberty as we have been told, but a Priest of Apollo, in lie enfolding robes. Teraldus the Norman knew that the human forces of deception “upon Apollo called,” about 1024 years ago. Things mythic and symbolic we have been lied to about, such as this, have power of predictive ken, for the Cycle of Lies that in our mental darkness binds us, weaves upon a loom, and does not, as we have been trooned, unwind as a rising line into Infinity.
The deepest minds of the past age, [BEG] Before Everything got Gay: Edison, C. S. Lewis, Junger, Tolkien, Peake, who survived the first round of the conspiracy of mass extinction between 1913 and 1920, wrote of the empire of shadowy demons that they glimpsed grinning upon the heights of incomplete extinguishment. They did so in such books as The Worm Oroboros, The Abolition of Man, The Glass Bees, The Lord of the Rings and Titus Groan. There is much more to learn of the workings of the Overworld that rules us, from these books, then from news, wherein the two lies posited by our rulers are argued back and forth, safeguarding the truth from our heavy-lidded eyes.
Campus, is now a term used almost exclusively to describe academic institutions and corporate headquarters. The Latin root was the camp of a legion, or the Campus Martius, sometimes translated as “Field of Mars.” Mars was God of War, and the campus of his name at Rome, was where the Praetorian Guards, the instrument of naked oppression, the tools of “the common enemy of all mankind,” who was the figurehead of the Imperial power that was cloaked in the collected persons of the Praetorian, backed by international banking, by shadowy figures that ruled in such a way that their existence can easily be inferred but never clearly identified in the record.
In our media age, who, in fact controls our minds, and directs them to where the body and soul must follow?
The academics and the media, at the behest of corporations, most prominently Infotechnic entities. These entities operate from a campus. These are the New Praetorian Cohorts. Through rail travel, taking this one around, and behind, and under the various centers of Campus Saints I have noticed some Fake&Destory clues.
Freight traffic, on railways is at 4 to 10 times 2019 levels, even though prices rise as scarcity declines.
Infotechnic Campus structure is increasingly self sufficient, organized like ruling colonial centers of control, with their own housing, parking, food production, information conduction, and private armies of physical combatants drawn in equal numbers from military, law enforcement, and criminal gangs.
Prices of the cheap and effective and commonly available before 2020 anti-viral medicines have increased steeply, suggesting a new disease on the horizon.
Mortality among Americans mistreated in the wake of the Brovid Jiveteen Shamdemic is still increasing. I know more people who have died in the past year than in the previous decade. A massive die-off is in progress and has been in planning for at least 5 years.
Bus use in medium sized cities is declining even as bus lines, drivers and vehicles are increasing. In Portland and Baltimore drivers permit boarding without payment, suggesting an as yet to arrive mass of people from nations without common automobile use.
Entire freight cars of emergency worker rations are now being pre-positioned at various private Mesmerism Campus, suggesting a planned, or at least contingent, lockdown.
Look for the untimely death of certain people, who do not wield power, but who are perhaps beloved by power steerage actors who have been guilty of the heinous crime of Truth, as a kind of punishment for betrayal of The White Widow. [3]
-0. It was 23 degrees, killing frost, in Northwest Utah last week.
-1. The 4 year selection cycle of the puppet king and 8 year limit are based on the preChristian Olympic religious cycles of first 8 years and then 4.
-2. Our evil founding fakefathers would not even permit God on the face of the paper money, but placed his name on its back.
-3. Sheelob [Tolkien], Leviathan [Hobbes] or USGee.
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