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Eating on the Overton Railroad
Smiling Jack Beef Jerky
A friend in Pennsylvania, who must remain unnamed as the person he gifted six packs of beef jerky to for his trip west is irredeemably evil, thought to provide an Information Age nomad with food fit for a Stone Age nomad and he did well.
While the ingredients listed were too small for me to read with bad eyes, they seemed to have only four ingredients per pack, one being salt. I had jalapeno and pit beef and enjoyed both. Most importantly, the Smiling Jack Beef Jerky, with its grinning wolf sketched in profile on the light brown label, was easy to chew and did not stress my brittle teeth.
I have no idea what this fine food cost, but it was light, did not bloat my gut and tasted very good. Left to my own devices, dollar store sardines would suffice. But headed west, jerked meat seemed right.
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