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‘A Den of Vipers and Thieves’
A New Jacksonian Era?

I love the header graphic on this blog—pissing in the wind on an industrial scale.

My favorite president, Andrew Jackson, virtuous beyond all other presidents in my tattered book for the sole fact that he killed a man in a duel, is the bar by which this blogger judges our current head man. Our latest president is probably someone that Old Hickory would turn over his knee and apply a switch to, but at least has the decency to acknowledge that The State—These United States, to be specific—is a monstrous social golem that stamps out the lives of uncounted innocents in our name.

Check it out at the link below.

Thank you, Ishmael.

A Once Great Medieval City: 2016: Impressions of Baltimore Maryland

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Sam J.February 13, 2017 9:58 AM UTC

Who is that on the oval office wall?