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'How Many Books Are You Writing?'
A Man Question from Justin

The answer is, man, I don't know.

So, as my favorite YouTuber, Varg would say, "Let's find out."

Actually, this may help my editor, Danica, who picks a book here and there to edit, leaving the rest to my dubious care and Lynn, who is compiling my complete catalogue at

I will return to this and update it as books move up the composition ladder—I'm a boxing coach dude.

Started = 11

I have begun the book, perhaps even written a few chapters, but the work is currently dormant and mostly incomplete.

-Against the Golden Race

-Bad Medicine

-Beyond the Pale

-Colonial Gulag

-Heroes of the Ring [collaboration with Oliver]

-Yusef of the Dusk

-Reading Between the Lines

-The Boxer Dread

-The Sardonyx Stone

-The Vile Root

-Wench Watch

In Progress = 13

I'm pecking away at this one, in no hurry. Check the tag for the last to posts to get an idea of the pace.

-A Dread Grace

-The Filthy Few [collaboration with Sam]

-Hero Song of the Thugs

-How the Blacks Saved English

-White Indians and Yellow Negroes

-Masculine Axis

-When White Meant Might

-Magic Dindus and White Devils


-Rubbing Out Palefaces

-A Well of Heroes: 3

-The Lies That Bind Us

-Why Grownups Suck

Nearing Completion = 4

If I did no writing but work on this book, it would be done in a week.

-The Pale Usher

-Seven Moons Deep

-The Spiral Case

-Big Ron's Baltimore

Being Prepared for Publication = 1

Is being edited, proofed, the manuscript ritually balanced on a stripper's ass as she pours wine into my mouth...

When it disappears from here, find it at the link below.

-Writing Unchained

Books In Progress as of 5/24/17 = 29

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guestApril 18, 2017 9:44 PM UTC

I don't see "write proper Wikipedia entry" on this list.

It's the first stop on the internet, you miss a beat not having one!

Maybe something for this Lynn fella to do? *nudge nudge*