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MAR/17/24 Motherboard
A Novel Of Post Economic Baltimore: A.E.G. 30: Prequel To Tinman
MAR/16/24 First Sword Of All Rome
Act 4: Ernest O’Neal, Under Barrister Of The House Equis, First Knights Of Christ
MAR/15/24 A Hobo Historian Video
Oliver Is Going Thru The Video Archives
MAR/15/24 ‘Suck Mah Dick Merka’
Profile Of The Patel Brothers American Empire: Somewhere, New Jersey, June 1-3, 2023
MAR/13/24 Immediate Post-Life
Summer Spent In The Murkan Mid-Atlantic: May 30 Thru August 31, 2023
MAR/11/24 ‘Sure And Dexterous Hand Of The Founder’
The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire By Edward Gibbon: Summation 13-14
MAR/10/24 Authors Of Elder Earth
Series Sketch Updated
MAR/09/24 Increase Publico’s Patrimony Draught
Act 3: Doris Synchronus, Unbranded Slave Of The Censor
MAR/09/24 A Shadowed Sunset
Part 2: Plantation America & Sons Of Aryаs Histories & Fiction: 8/14/2023
MAR/08/24 A Haunted Night
Part 3: Plantation America & Sons Of Aryаs Histories & Fiction: 8/14/2022
MAR/08/24 A Fettered Dawn
Part 1: Plantation America & Sons Of Aryаs Histories & Fiction: 8/14/2023
MAR/06/24 ‘Aliens’
Solomon, Sirach & Isaiah On Antiquity’s Common Plight
MAR/04/24 ‘God Of The Ages’
Polytheistic Notes From The Monotheistic Word
MAR/03/24 Getting Behind
Southpaw Training Notes For MMA: 3/3/24
MAR/03/24 Toby & Colonel Coyote
American Dog #18: Interlude
MAR/02/24 Increase Publico’s Genteel Fault
Act 2: Orpheus Synchronus, Unbranded Slave Of The Censor
MAR/01/24 Halo, Nimbus, Wing And Word
Considering Biblical Preservation Of An Earlier Antiquity
FEB/28/24 Temple, Barracks & Prison
Biblical Perspectives On Bondage From Acts 22 To 28
FEB/26/24 Time And Myth
Part 2 Of 2: Marius And James Discuss The Path All Travel: 8/4/2023
FEB/25/24 Toby & Butt Scratch
American Dog #17
FEB/24/24 BarleyMan In A Can
Act 1: Increase Publico, Censor Of New York
FEB/23/24 Time Horizon
Part 1 Of 2: Don Quotays And James Discuss The Path All Travel: 7/31/2023
FEB/21/24 ‘You Highest Heavens’
Echoes In The Milky Way In The Bible? 5/15/2023, Harford County, Maryland
FEB/20/24 Flop The Zero Phone Had A Stroke
Crackpot Contact News
FEB/20/24 We Are The Sons Of Aryаs
Foreword To Sons Of Aryаs By Achilleas, The Series Reader: 8/7/2023
FEB/19/24 'White Like Me'
Part 2: Question Of “White” Versus Christian Identity: 5/9/23
FEB/18/24 Toby & The Human Invaders
American Dog #16
FEB/17/24 The Acts Of Max & Rex Born
SPQR Prologue, Forward, Author’s Note, Calendar And Contents
FEB/16/24 'To Replace Xtendom'
Part 1: Question Of “White” Versus Christian Identity: 5/9/23
FEB/15/24 Shrouds Of Aryаs Complete
Possibly Available As A Site E-Book In April
FEB/11/24 Toby & The Big Bad Dog
American Dog #15
FEB/10/24 Voice Of Britannic Rome
Race, Language And Civic Structure In The North Panonia Of SPQR
FEB/05/24 ‘Roll Me Over Fair’
Macro-Funerary Impressions Of Billy Budd By Herman Melville: 1/31/24
FEB/04/24 James Anderson
Novelist, Poet, Historian, Rugby Player, Knucklehead, Broadsword Fencer, James Anderson
FEB/04/24 Jason's Book
The Master Of The Esoteric Cafe Has Translated A German Language Infoteric Classic
FEB/04/24 Toby & The Boo Cave
American Dog #14
FEB/03/24 SPQR Appendix B
Civic And Military Orders: Praetorians, Lictors, Legions & Fleets
FEB/02/24 Notes From The Abyss
On Dramatic Post-Covid Changes In America: 5/26/2022
FEB/02/24 Gutter Gnomes Pysiognomy
Survival Pitfalls & Applications Of The Full Beard: Pittsburgh, 5/2/2023
JAN/31/24 Taking To The Night
Pondering The Cracked Rear View Mirror Of A Life Misspent: G-String New Jersey, 5/22/23
JAN/29/24 ‘Baltimore, My Home’
Recent Encounters In Harm City: 5/16/2023
JAN/28/24 Toby & The Mules
American Dog #13
JAN/27/24 SPQR Appendix 3
Gladiatorial Houses Of Britannic Rome: The Six Crusading Orders: Part 3 Of 3
JAN/26/24 ‘They Belong To The Concrete’
Part 2 Of 2: Three Days On Baltimore Buses: May 8-10, 2023
JAN/24/24 ‘Yo Gotz Da Monay—Notz Me!’
Part 1 Of 2: Three Days On Baltimore Buses: May 8-10, 2023
JAN/22/24 ‘Casting A Dart Into That All Seeing Eye’
Jeth Randolph Discusses Our Orphan Nations: 8/28/2023
JAN/21/24 Injury Recovery
Can The Crackpot, Fight, Train, Work Or Walk?
JAN/21/24 Toby & The Elkish Mole
American Dog #12
JAN/20/24 Moving On From The 1-1-2-1
Oklahoma Joe Wants To Pick Up Another Boxing Combo
JAN/20/24 SPQR Appendix 2
Gladiatorial Houses Of Britannic Rome: The Six Sustaining Orders: Part 2 Of 3
JAN/19/24 Southpaws, Knives & Kickboxing
A Crackpot Mailbox Outtake
JAN/19/24 Sexless Young Men & Neo-Puritans
Achilleas And The Crackpot Discuss The Sissy: 8/1/2023
JAN/17/24 ‘Writing For Serenity'
Baltimore, 7/30/2023
JAN/15/24 Faith
Two Skeptics Wonder At The Concept: 7/16/2023
JAN/14/24 Toby & The Stray Human
American Dog #11
JAN/13/24 SPQR Appendix 1
Gladiatorial Houses Of Britannic Rome: Part 1 Of 3
JAN/12/24 Sample The Patriarchy
Musings On Misogyny: Baltimore, 5/12/2023
JAN/11/24 Sleeping Under Heaven
Notes On Climate From Colorado To Jersey: 5/22/2023
JAN/10/24 The Devil In Chicago
From Chicongo To Joliet, To Chicongo And Pittsburgh By Train: May 1-2, 2023
JAN/09/24 Where Do I Go?
Musings On Getting Off The Anti-Autonomy Grid
JAN/09/24 A Perfect Knucklehead Weekend
Training And Visiting With Electric: Joliet, Ill, April 29 To May 1 2023
JAN/08/24 ‘I Appreciate You’
Emmeryville To Chicongo By Train: April 28-29, 2023
JAN/07/24 Booking?
Would You Want A Hobo Coaching Your Children?
JAN/07/24 Man Weekend 2024
Be There... Or Avoid Your Well-Deserved Beatings!
JAN/07/24 Toby & The Door
American Dog #10
JAN/06/24 SPQR
A Novel Of Rome 2031
JAN/04/24 A Deluge, Just A Little One: 1/5/24
Opening The Winter He Mail Box This Once: 1/4/24
JAN/04/24 "Yappie Metaphysics"
A Dialogue With Achilleas
JAN/04/24 Iron Age Raiding Party Stuff
Grendel Hall Muses At The Murkin Beast In Its Feed Stall
JAN/04/24 Coming To America
An LA Meetup With The Sentient Hoodrat?
JAN/04/24 Got Into Boxing - Need Help
So Who Better To Ask Then A Human Punching Bag That Won 7 In 23?
JAN/04/24 What Is It About Playing?
Crack Man Cues The Crack Pot
JAN/04/24 Pizza Wars?
Publishing Tabletop Games Online
JAN/04/24 My Next Creep State Handler?
You Be The Judge
JAN/04/24 Which Will It Be, Boiling Or Freezing?
Don Quotays Cues The Global Cooling Kook
JAN/04/24 The Haislet Guard
Trad Brad Discusses Boxing Trad
JAN/04/24 Fangs In The Moonlight
A Conan Yarn By James Anderson
JAN/04/24 ‘I’m Sorry’
San Jose To Reno By Bus & Train: April 27-28, 2023
JAN/03/24 Graphomania
Feeding The Relentless Writing Beast: January 2, 2024, Selek, Washington
JAN/03/24 ‘Entrainment’
Penetration By Ingo Swann: 5/6/2023
JAN/02/24 'British Navy Of Old'
Matthew Inquires About Age Of Sail Close Combat: 5/11/23
JAN/01/24 Bag Mitts And Kickboxing?
Matt Cues The Crackpot On Old School Striking: 5/11/2023
DEC/31/23 Crackpot Expenses 2023
How Is Your Reading Money Being Spent?: 12/12/23
DEC/31/23 A Negligent Soul
A Weird Year Comes
DEC/31/23 Slave
A Novel Of Elder Earth
DEC/30/23 Porch
The Legend Of Cubby Cranston, A Novel
DEC/29/23 'Body Language Protocol'
Increase Mather XXI Wonders About Being Hunted By Three: 5/11/21
DEC/27/23 Well Of The Damned #3
Diridon Station Thru-Bus Stop, San Jose, California: April 26-27, 2023
DEC/26/23 Well Of The Damned #2
Diridon Station Thru-Bus Stop, San Jose, California: April 26-27, 2023
DEC/25/23 Well Of The Damned #1
Diridon Station Thru-Bus Stop, San Jose, California: April 26-27, 2023
DEC/24/23 Of Ichor And War
The Songs Of Discord, Panic And Rout
DEC/23/23 Toby & The Vet
American Dog #9
DEC/22/23 Gray God Report 5/3/23
Observations Of Weather And Wildlife: San Jose 4/27 To Pittsburgh 5/3
DEC/21/23 Train Tea
Hobo Nutritional Notes: San Jose, CA, 4/26/2023
DEC/20/23 Hobo Logistics
San Jose, California, April 24, 2023
DEC/19/23 ‘Sir, May I Ask…’
The Sending Of Super Soldier Joe: 4/22-23/2023, Coastal Starlight #11
DEC/18/23 ‘A Veteran Of Train Delays’
A Rogues Gallery Of Post Shamdemic Transports: 4/22-23/2023, Coastal Starlight #11
DEC/17/23 Toby & Captain Coon
American Dog #8
DEC/16/23 Toby & Amos
American Dog #7
DEC/15/23 ‘Cough Train’
Notes On Post Shamdemic Transportation: 4/22-23/2023, Coastal Starlight #11
DEC/14/23 ‘Masters Of The World’
The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire By Edward Gibbon: Summation 12
DEC/13/23 ‘Rival Of The Scythians’
The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire By Edward Gibbon: Summation 11.5
DEC/13/23 Crackpot Crimes
How Much Writing Can A Crippled Sped Complete In A Year: 12/13/23
DEC/12/23 Still No Email
Crackpot Activity Accessibility Update: 12/12/23
DEC/12/23 ‘Twenty Pieces Of Gold’
The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire By Edward Gibbon: Summation 11
DEC/11/23 ‘Rage Of The Barbarians’
The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire By Edward Gibbon: Summation 10
DEC/10/23 Discarded Novels
10 Novels Scrapped While Writing American Dog
DEC/09/23 Toby & Izzy
American Dog #6
DEC/08/23 ‘American News Mind’
What Is Newslaw?: Context #2: San Jose, 4/26/23
DEC/07/23 ‘Fountain Of Youth?’
Vaxx Zombie De Gualle Wonders About Elite Aspirations: San Jose, 4/24/2023
DEC/06/23 ‘Please Not Another Prediction!’
Dialogues By Phone On The Coastal Starlight: 4/22-23/2023
DEC/05/23 ‘This Opaque Blacklist’
Musings From The Cancel Culture Waste Bin: San Jose, 4/25/2023
DEC/04/23 ‘Context’ #1: Overture
Treading The Lie In Muddled Sight: San Jose, Shamerica, Sol 3: Primate Experiment, 4/26/23
DEC/03/23 Anton Ales #2
The Nighted Adventures Of A Sending & Alienist Duo: Portland 4/20/2023
DEC/02/23 Toby & Benny Bear
American Dog #5
DEC/01/23 Anton Ales #1
The Sending Of A Large, Litigious, Negro Soul: Portland 4/20/2023
NOV/30/23 Farmer
Part 4 Of 7: The Fate Of Western Civilization: 3/19/2023
NOV/29/23 Herder
Part 3 Of 7: The Fate Of Western Civilization: 4/19/2023

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