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JUL/22/24 The Mute Singer
Notes On Adapting Narrative To Character From SPQR: Selek, Washington, 1/18/24
JUL/17/24 ‘On TV’
In These Parts Sidebar 3: Two Brothers Speak Of Fight Times: 12/25/23
JUL/15/24 ‘The Dog House’
In These Parts Sidebar 2: Three Men Speak Of Wild Times: 12/25/23
JUL/12/24 ‘A Beast’
In These Parts Sidebar 1: Two Brothers Speak Of He They Lost: 12/25/23
JUL/10/24 The Spoiler
In These Parts Sidebar: Ken Speaks Of Times Gone Wrong: 12/25/23
JUL/08/24 ‘The Deal’
In These Parts #5
JUN/28/24 Fake & Destroy: Campus Of Saints
A Shamerika Survey For The Dark Side Of Leap Year 2024: Selek, Washington, 6/28/24
JUN/10/24 Cozy Mount Scott
The Metaphysical Igloo Office Of A Kept Hoodrat, Portland, Oregon: 11/5/23
JUN/07/24 Clint’s Abduction
In These Parts #1
JUN/05/24 In These Parts
Recollections Of Kelley B., As Told To James LaFond
MAY/07/24 Man TV?
Testosterone Positive TV Shows
MAY/01/24 Chores
Part One: Childhood Lessons And Responsibilities
APR/29/24 I Could Not Kiss Ass!
The Working Life Of Bob Johnson
APR/23/24 Meeting James LaFond
James Anderson: Portland, Oregon, November 15th, 2022
APR/22/24 A Brief History Of The Future
Wednesday, November 8, 2023, Yakima Nation, Washington
APR/21/24 Favourite Books?
A New Reader Is Curious About A Sequel To Of Lions And Men
APR/17/24 Aspects Of Ocular Overrule
Observations On Updating Agrarian Civic Controls: 8/29/2023
APR/08/24 Pain And Writing
Pondering The Last Sustainable Work Of A Slavish Life: 8/20/23
APR/07/24 Video Interviews With Da Man
Youtube: InTheseGoingsDown
APR/05/24 ‘Good Foot In Heaven, Bad Foot In Hell’
Musings Of A Crippled Writer Concerning Post-Modern Mesmerism: 8/10/2023
MAR/29/24 Foreground Noise
Some Thoughts On The Soundtrack Of Our Lives: 7/14/2023
FEB/20/24 Flop The Zero Phone Had A Stroke
Crackpot Contact News
FEB/04/24 James Anderson
Novelist, Poet, Historian, Rugby Player, Knucklehead, Broadsword Fencer, James Anderson
FEB/04/24 Jason's Book
The Master Of The Esoteric Cafe Has Translated A German Language Infoteric Classic
FEB/02/24 Notes From The Abyss
On Dramatic Post-Covid Changes In America: 5/26/2022
JAN/22/24 ‘Casting A Dart Into That All Seeing Eye’
Jeth Randolph Discusses Our Orphan Nations: 8/28/2023
JAN/21/24 Injury Recovery
Can The Crackpot, Fight, Train, Work Or Walk?
JAN/19/24 Sexless Young Men & Neo-Puritans
Achilleas And The Crackpot Discuss The Sissy: 8/1/2023
JAN/17/24 ‘Writing For Serenity'
Baltimore, 7/30/2023
JAN/12/24 Sample The Patriarchy
Musings On Misogyny: Baltimore, 5/12/2023
JAN/11/24 Sleeping Under Heaven
Notes On Climate From Colorado To Jersey: 5/22/2023
JAN/10/24 The Devil In Chicago
From Chicongo To Joliet, To Chicongo And Pittsburgh By Train: May 1-2, 2023
JAN/09/24 A Perfect Knucklehead Weekend
Training And Visiting With Electric: Joliet, Ill, April 29 To May 1 2023
JAN/08/24 ‘I Appreciate You’
Emmeryville To Chicongo By Train: April 28-29, 2023
JAN/04/24 A Deluge, Just A Little One: 1/5/24
Opening The Winter He Mail Box This Once: 1/4/24
JAN/04/24 "Yappie Metaphysics"
A Dialogue With Achilleas
JAN/04/24 Iron Age Raiding Party Stuff
Grendel Hall Muses At The Murkin Beast In Its Feed Stall
JAN/04/24 ‘I’m Sorry’
San Jose To Reno By Bus & Train: April 27-28, 2023
JAN/03/24 Graphomania
Feeding The Relentless Writing Beast: January 2, 2024, Selek, Washington
JAN/03/24 ‘Entrainment’
Penetration By Ingo Swann: 5/6/2023
DEC/31/23 Crackpot Expenses 2023
How Is Your Reading Money Being Spent?: 12/12/23
DEC/31/23 A Negligent Soul
A Weird Year Comes
DEC/22/23 Gray God Report 5/3/23
Observations Of Weather And Wildlife: San Jose 4/27 To Pittsburgh 5/3
DEC/21/23 Train Tea
Hobo Nutritional Notes: San Jose, CA, 4/26/2023
DEC/20/23 Hobo Logistics
San Jose, California, April 24, 2023
DEC/19/23 ‘Sir, May I Ask…’
The Sending Of Super Soldier Joe: 4/22-23/2023, Coastal Starlight #11
DEC/18/23 ‘A Veteran Of Train Delays’
A Rogues Gallery Of Post Shamdemic Transports: 4/22-23/2023, Coastal Starlight #11
DEC/15/23 ‘Cough Train’
Notes On Post Shamdemic Transportation: 4/22-23/2023, Coastal Starlight #11
DEC/13/23 Crackpot Crimes
How Much Writing Can A Crippled Sped Complete In A Year: 12/13/23
DEC/12/23 Still No Email
Crackpot Activity Accessibility Update: 12/12/23
DEC/08/23 ‘American News Mind’
What Is Newslaw?: Context #2: San Jose, 4/26/23
DEC/07/23 ‘Fountain Of Youth?’
Vaxx Zombie De Gualle Wonders About Elite Aspirations: San Jose, 4/24/2023
DEC/06/23 ‘Please Not Another Prediction!’
Dialogues By Phone On The Coastal Starlight: 4/22-23/2023
DEC/05/23 ‘This Opaque Blacklist’
Musings From The Cancel Culture Waste Bin: San Jose, 4/25/2023
DEC/04/23 ‘Context’ #1: Overture
Treading The Lie In Muddled Sight: San Jose, Shamerica, Sol 3: Primate Experiment, 4/26/23
OCT/04/23 Techtardia Z
Boomer Retard Writer News
OCT/01/23 Zup
Guest Commentary By Grendel Hall
SEP/29/23 Accidentally Yours
Notes On Postmodern Nomadism: 4/3/2023
SEP/29/23 Stuff I Found On The Internet
Some Images To Look At, For A Change
SEP/28/23 Tending The Veil
Musings On Transhuman Meat-Puppet Herd Management: 4/3/2023
SEP/26/23 Spring Migration Draft
A Hobo Writing Journal: March 20 Thru May 31, 2023
SEP/18/23 Men In The Making
Reflections On Masculine Youth Encounters: Tuesday, February 28, 2023
SEP/15/23 ‘Weird Like Us’
A Discussion With Yeti Waters: Portland, Tuesday February 28, 2023
SEP/13/23 Of Dogs And Men
Question On Masculinity Books
SEP/08/23 Writing Timejacker
Selek Washington, 2/13/2023
SEP/07/23 Ridden By A Nightmare
The Imposed Premise Of Timejacker: Sunday, 6:54 AM, 1/22/23, Selek, Washington
SEP/07/23 Crackpot Publifesto
A Dialogue With The Crackpot Industries Facilitator: 3/16/2023
SEP/05/23 Brian Jewell Has A Book Signing
My Sparring Partner And Fellow Harm City Refugee Is Still Writing Out Loud
SEP/03/23 ‘What If You Could Have Saved The World?’
A Timejacker Discussion With Mescaline Franklin: 12/31/2022
SEP/01/23 Crutch Fu
Writing And Travel: 9/1/2023
AUG/22/23 ‘Unparalled Fagotry’
The Editorial Angel Of The Bored Admits To A Strong Case Of Mysandry: 2/7/2023
AUG/16/23 Gaming You Got Grain
Near Future Speculations On The Sport Of Kings: 1/31/2023
AUG/15/23 ‘Who Benefits?’
Thoughts On Murican Freight Mishaps: 2/21/2023
AUG/14/23 ‘The Greatest Writer’
Blessed In The Pacific Northwest: 1/31/2023
AUG/11/23 The Lilac
Notes On Maintaining A Lady’s Yard: 1/12/2023
AUG/10/23 ‘That Dog Will Hunt’
Maintaining A Homestead In The Pacific Northwest: #2 1/29/2022
AUG/09/23 Cedar Stead
Maintaining A Homestead In The Pacific Northwest: #1 1/29/2022
AUG/08/23 ‘The Multitude’
Don Quotays And The Crackpot Discuss The Zman: 2/24/2023
AUG/04/23 Writing Can
Experimenting With The Interview Novel: 1/20/2023
AUG/02/23 James Anderson
Profile Of A Young Writer: 2/24/2023, Selek Washington
AUG/01/23 The Matriarchy Manifested
A Guest Article By Grendel Hall: 2/4/2023
JUL/28/23 Richard The Eagle Hearted
A Pulp Fiction Renaissance Heads Up
JUL/28/23 ‘Your Next Muscular Issue’
The Brickmouse Discusses Positive Injury Recovery With The Arthritic Louse: 2/24/2023
JUL/25/23 Graphomania Therapy
Literary Autism Maintenance: 2/21/2023
JUL/19/23 ‘Jim!’
A Conversation With A Seven Year Old Mind: 11/6/2022
JUL/11/23 Dark Timber
The Tale Of Pete: Trial Lake, Utah, 10/21/22
JUL/10/23 Train 14 Or Coastal Starlight?
Musings On Cattle Car America: San Jose To Portland, 10/26-27/2022
JUL/07/23 America Tent
Impressions Of Post Apocalyspic Bust Bowl Life: Utah To Santa Clara: 10/21-23/2022
JUL/06/23 Ken & Barbie Goldenskin
Impressions Of Post Apocalyspic Bust Bowl Life: Denver To Utah 9/12/2022
JUL/05/23 We, Jonah
Visions Of America: Texas, Denver, Baltimore City, Baltimore County: 10/16/2022
JUL/04/23 ‘A Beautiful Tree’
Tending To A Wind-Killed Western Red Cedar: Selek, Washington, 1/7/2022
JUN/22/23 Crutch Mobile
Crackpot Update: 6/22/2023
JUN/16/23 Wonk Polarity
The Systemic Metaphor Behind Seeker Cain: 12/22/2022
JUN/14/23 ‘Why Don’t You Vote?’
A Nuffy Lass Wonders At Crackpot Behavior: 12/26/2022
JUN/13/23 Taken
Mister Gray Wonders How LaFond Delivers Bad News: 12/14/2022
JUN/12/23 Surgery As A Transhumanism Portal
Lynn And James Discuss A Centerpiece Of American Occultism: 12/18/2022
JUN/07/23 Ritual
Teutonic Fist Cues The Crackpot On Organized Metaphysics: 12/29/2022
JUN/02/23 Pain Tolerance
Lynn Lockhart Cues The Crackpot On Pain And Fighting: 1/5/2023
MAY/30/23 ‘What Is Your Advice For A New Writer?’
Portland Joe Asks The Crackpot After Beating Him Up: 12/26/2022
MAY/29/23 Jimmy In Print
A Memoir Of Childhood By A Failed Adult
MAY/29/23 Letters From The Inner Reaches
Final Dialogues With Readers: November & December 2022
MAY/27/23 Wager Of War
By Banjo
MAY/25/23 ‘An Alternative Spiritual Technology’
Fire In The Dark: Men And Gods By Jack Donovan
MAY/24/23 The Iron Dildo
Devil Dick Prompts The Crackpot On Pseudo-Masculine Negroidaltry: 12/29/2022
MAY/23/23 Dancing With The Dark
Conversations On Race From The Well Of The Damned: 11/6/2022
MAY/23/23 My Younger Self
A Baltimore Refugee Biography In Print
MAY/22/23 ‘Just Some Dumb Homeless Kids’
An Inspired Afterward To Jimmy: 12/3/2022
MAY/19/23 ‘The Honorable Thing’
Living With Honor In An Antitrust Society: 11/10/2022
MAY/18/23 Upon Kismet’s Tit
Is Leviathan Quitting Her Zombiecide Or Marking The Woetide?: 11/10/2022
MAY/17/23 The Name
Tales Of Domestic Use From Devil Dick 10.16: 11/11/2022
MAY/17/23 Trains And Disease
Two White Monkey Podcasts
MAY/16/23 ‘Bodymore On Business’
Web Comment From Bryce Sharper 10.16
MAY/16/23 InTheseGoingsDown
Mister Gray And The Crackpot Conversatin'
MAY/15/23 ‘Taking Hyphenated Names’
Five Guns West Offers More Infamy: 11/9/2022
MAY/12/23 ‘The NPC Soy Brigade’
10.04 From Teutonic Fist: 11/10/2022
MAY/11/23 ‘To Just Play The Game And Perish’
A Dialogue With Musician Barry Bliss: 12/3/2022

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