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JUN/28/24 A Brother
In These Parts #4
JUN/26/24 ‘Being One Of Eight’
In These Parts #3
JUN/24/24 A Stripper And Wannabe Bikers
In These Parts #2
JUN/17/24 Rex
A Dive Bar Denizen: Portland, Oregon, Monday Night 11/21/23
JUN/14/24 Ghost Criminal
Wednesday, November 11, 2023, Part 2 Of 2
JUN/12/24 Portland Confidential
Wednesday, November 11, 2023, Part 1 Of 2
MAY/31/24 Baltimore By Day
Offline From 5/31/24 Thru 9/5/24
MAY/19/24 Machete Reason
Don Quotays Enjoys The View Of Mordor
MAY/13/24 ‘Twenty Deep’
Nuffy G. #2: A Drinking Bout With An Anachronistic Viking: 11/28/23, Portland, Oregon
MAY/10/24 The Time Out Pub
Nuffy G. #1: A Drinking Bout With An Anachronistic Viking: 11/27/23, Portland, Oregon
MAY/08/24 A Fail Of Two Cities
Nuffy G. In Portland And Nero The Pict In Baltimore, Thanksgiving Weekend, 2023
MAY/02/24 The Harm City Gangway
Don Quotays Informs And Opines On Simianry
APR/30/24 Masking Socio-Therapy Trials
An Update By Crux Cross
APR/26/24 Parked Family Egress
Parley Tactics From The New American Pacific Northwest: 11/5/23
APR/15/24 Bucket Hat And Dreadlocks
Warding Off A Wretched Set Of Groes In A Baltimore Alley: 8/22/2023
APR/12/24 Returning To Baltimore City
Against Crackpot Defense: Baltimore, City, 8/22/23
APR/10/24 Out Of The Cookie
From Baltimore To The Pacific Northwest By Crutch, Train And Cane: 8/22 To 12/31/2023
APR/03/24 Cracker To Crumb
Hubris And The Dissident Writer: 7/13/2023
APR/01/24 4 Keys To Groe Mastery
In Post Paleface America: 7/31/2023, Baltimore
MAR/27/24 At The Well Of Conduction
Gimp Graphomania #1: Pittsburgh, PA, 6/27/2023
MAR/27/24 ‘When The Wheels Fall Off’
Ambulatory And Ocular Notes: Baltimore, 6/22/2023
MAR/25/24 ‘You Okay?’
Going To Urgent Care On Crutches In Baltimore City: 6/14/2023
MAR/22/24 ‘My Good Brutha’
On The Irish Trace In Northeast Baltimore: 6/7/2023
MAR/20/24 ‘A Bottle Of Water’
Notes On Being The Last Pale Distaff Pedestrian In Squatamalla: 6/7/2023
MAR/18/24 ‘Bust A Move’ Baltimore
On Baltimore City Buses From Penn Station, Charles Street To Hamilton: June 5, 2023
MAR/15/24 ‘Suck Mah Dick Merka’
Profile Of The Patel Brothers American Empire: Somewhere, New Jersey, June 1-3, 2023
MAR/13/24 Immediate Post-Life
Summer Spent In The Murkan Mid-Atlantic: May 30 Thru August 31, 2023
JAN/31/24 Taking To The Night
Pondering The Cracked Rear View Mirror Of A Life Misspent: G-String New Jersey, 5/22/23
JAN/29/24 ‘Baltimore, My Home’
Recent Encounters In Harm City: 5/16/2023
JAN/26/24 ‘They Belong To The Concrete’
Part 2 Of 2: Three Days On Baltimore Buses: May 8-10, 2023
JAN/24/24 ‘Yo Gotz Da Monay—Notz Me!’
Part 1 Of 2: Three Days On Baltimore Buses: May 8-10, 2023
JAN/09/24 Where Do I Go?
Musings On Getting Off The Anti-Autonomy Grid
JAN/04/24 My Next Creep State Handler?
You Be The Judge
DEC/29/23 'Body Language Protocol'
Increase Mather XXI Wonders About Being Hunted By Three: 5/11/21
DEC/27/23 Well Of The Damned #3
Diridon Station Thru-Bus Stop, San Jose, California: April 26-27, 2023
DEC/26/23 Well Of The Damned #2
Diridon Station Thru-Bus Stop, San Jose, California: April 26-27, 2023
DEC/25/23 Well Of The Damned #1
Diridon Station Thru-Bus Stop, San Jose, California: April 26-27, 2023
DEC/03/23 Anton Ales #2
The Nighted Adventures Of A Sending & Alienist Duo: Portland 4/20/2023
DEC/01/23 Anton Ales #1
The Sending Of A Large, Litigious, Negro Soul: Portland 4/20/2023
SEP/27/23 Among Humans
Snowing In Portland, Oregon, 8:54 AM, Friday, March 24, 2023
SEP/25/23 Life Intrudes
A Half Day In The Life Of A Hobo: 3/16/2023
SEP/22/23 Echo Of Yesterday 2
A Day In The Life Of A Hobo, Portland, Thursday, March 16
SEP/21/23 Echo Of Yesterday 1
A Day In The Life Of A Hobo, Portland, Thursday, March 16
SEP/20/23 Walk To Safeway
A Day In The Life Of A Hobo, Portland, Tuesday, March 14
SEP/19/23 Walk To WINCO
A Day In The Life Of A Hobo, Portland, Wednesday, March 15
SEP/14/23 Real Reparations
An All American Plan: Portland 3/13/2023
SEP/13/23 Food Desertification
Observations In American Over Speak: Portland, 3/4/2023
SEP/12/23 To Affront Yo Gawdz
Symptoms Of Uncle Sham’s Death Throes: Portland, 3/14/23
AUG/21/23 Stocking The Hate Locker
Negro 1/23 Triggers Crackpot Thoughts On Prime Crime In 2023: 1/31/2023
AUG/03/23 ‘My Friend’
Yeti Waters, Somali Son And A Texan By Night In Portland: 1/14/2023
JUL/31/23 Understanding The Groe
Lynn Cues The Crackpot On A Pastime Of The Martyr Race: 2/21/2023
JUL/24/23 Felony Flats
Southeast Portland, 11/25/2022
JUL/17/23 Hobo Joe
A Few Moments With A Traveling Man: 11/10/2022
JUL/14/23 Life, Portland
Savoring My Second City: 11/4/2022
JUL/13/23 Echoes In The Machine
Texts And Thoughts From Friends As The World Goes Mad: 11/2/ To 12/25/2022
JUL/12/23 Gay & Gray
Landing On Planet Faggotron: 10/27-31/2022 Portland, Murica
JUN/06/23 Rabbit Soul
A Conversation With Portland Joe: 12/17/2022
JUN/05/23 Paranoid
Trad Brad Cues The Crackpot On A Possible Grift: 1/6/2023
MAY/31/23 ‘Functional Self-Protection’
Dragan Would Like The Crackpot Opinion On The Optimal Combat Skill Progression: 1/7/2022
MAR/29/23 Loitering And Vagrancy
Getting Touch With Plantation America As A Low Status Paleface: Utah, 8/18/2022
MAR/23/23 Paveman Jones
Part 2: Superstitious Observations Of Maryland Weather: 8/1/2022
MAR/22/23 The Gray God Stirs
Part 1: Superstitious Observations Of Maryland Weather: 8/1/2022
MAR/21/23 ‘Settling Down?’
The Crackpot’s Brother Inquires As To The Crackpot Future: Ocean City, MD, 7/28/2020
MAR/20/23 ‘A Hot Plate’
Story Of A Predacious Negro At The Door: 7/31/2022
MAR/18/23 ‘THIS GUY’
Gawdly Schlamdemic Report By Crux Cross: 3/17/2023
MAR/17/23 ‘Any Other Time’
Being The Better Man’s Best Man: 7/29/2022
MAR/16/23 Mike Mancuso Manifesto
A Man From The Logic Of Steel Is Now Highly Strident Placed Baltimore Pork: 8/2/2022
MAR/15/23 Negropolis Rising
A Ride Into Baltimore With The Man In The Hat: 7/14/2021
MAR/14/23 ‘Later, Baby’
Baltimore County/City/County/City By Foot And Bus: 7/18/2022
JAN/24/23 ‘The Word American’
Yeti Waters And The Crackpot Discuss American Ineptitude: 8/15/2022
JAN/23/23 Remasking The Herd
Crux Cross And The Crackpot Discuss The Unmasking Of Mastery: 8/15/2022
JAN/19/23 ‘Staff Safety’
Jeth Randolph Discusses Private Retail Security With The Ghetto Grocer: 8/2/2022
JAN/06/23 Graphomaniac Journalism
Curating Literary Insanity: Section 5
DEC/30/22 Bodega Butcher
Crux Cross Cues The Crackpot On His Latino Spirit Animal: 7/15/2022
DEC/29/22 Hunting Feral Meat-Puppets
Yeti Waters Discusses Surfing The Urban Apocalypse: 7/15/2022: Part 2
DEC/28/22 When The Wrong Thing Feels Right
Yeti Waters Discusses Surfing The Urban Apocalypse: 7/15/2022: Part 1
DEC/16/22 At Midnight
A Man Recalls A Dog Walk Become A Dawg Squawk: 6/22/2022 Baltimore
DEC/15/22 ‘Upscale Woman With The Clothes?’
Chris Wants To Know What Happened: 6/22/2022
DEC/14/22 A Car?
What Might A Car Have Done For The Violence Guy: 6/23/2022
DEC/13/22 ‘What’s That?’
A Suburban Cul-de-Sac Cherub Explores The Harm City DMZ: 6/25/2022
DEC/12/22 ‘Watch The Master’
Emma And Uncle Jim: East Point, Baltimore County, 6/24/2022
DEC/09/22 ‘This Stays Here’
Late Lunch With An Operator: Timonium, MD: 6/22/2022
DEC/01/22 ‘This Fuggin’ Goldenskin Homeboy’
Harrowing Transport Tale #4 From Mescaline Franklin With Crackpot Advice: 6/18/2022
NOV/29/22 ‘This Fuggin’ Gorilla’
Harrowing Transport Tale #3 From Mescaline Franklin With Crackpot Comments: 6/18/2022
NOV/28/22 ‘The Fuggin’ Russian’
Harrowing Transport Tale #2 From Mescaline Franklin With Crackpot Advice: 6/18/2022
NOV/25/22 ‘Out There’
Harrowing Transport Tale #1 From Mescaline Franklin With Crackpot Advice: 6/18/2022
NOV/24/22 Guido & Rico
Two Ethnic New Yorkers Recall Public Schooling In The World’s Most Evil City: 6/18/2022
NOV/03/22 ‘You Are So Flexible’
Trying To Make Another Escape: 6/7-8/2022, G-String, Jersey To Half-Mast, Pennsylvania
NOV/02/22 Banjo To Sitar
Inselin, New Jersey: 6/4/2022
OCT/27/22 ‘Out Of State!’
Sin Part 2: Written On Memorial Day 5/30/22, New Jersey
OCT/25/22 ‘How About Some Sin?’
Said The Proprietor Of Safehouse Jersey: 5/29/2022
OCT/24/22 Notice
Musings On The Death Of High Trust Society: 5/22/2022
OCT/21/22 Of Man And Mask
Impressions Of Transhuman Cultism, Baltimore City & Baltimore County, Maryland, 5/20/2022
OCT/20/22 Best Man In A Bad Business
A Memory Of A Grocer: 5/23/22
OCT/19/22 Grace Under Erasure
A Lifetime Retail Food Clerk Finding A Way Out: 5/21/2022
OCT/17/22 Newslaw Creed
Two Hours At The Window To The Butcher Shop Of Reality: 5/21/2022
OCT/14/22 Where The Gawd Kangs Thrive
Scrap Family Bachelor Survival Under Gawdly Dominion: Part 3 Of 3: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
OCT/13/22 Surviving Boomer Jive
Scrap Family Survival In Under Gawdly Dominion: Part 2 Of 3: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
OCT/12/22 Young Tribe
Scrap Family Survival Under Gawdly Dominion: Part 1 Of 3: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
OCT/07/22 Cold Reality
Seeing Through The Fantasy Of 2022: Baltimore 5/8/2022
OCT/06/22 ‘Momz’
A Fractional Memoir Of Minimal Wage Retail Work: Baltimore, 5/6/2022
OCT/04/22 Georgia Gold
Returning To Baltimore Bussing: Friday, 5/6/2022 8-10 A.M.
SEP/30/22 Return To The Beast
Impressions Of The East: 5/1-5/2022, Baltimore
SEP/29/22 Tom, Jerry, Sylvester
At The Chicago Junction Union Station Ticket Bar With A Babe And Three Characters: Saturday, April 30 2022
SEP/22/22 Math Is Hard
A Look At Transhumanism Through Homos And Bimbos: 5/22/2022
SEP/20/22 'To Secure A Hard Copy'
CW From Baltimore Wants To Know How He Could Get A Physical Copy Of A Book From The Crackpot: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
SEP/19/22 Blue & Yellow
A Sample Of Feedlot Propaganda: Baltimore, 5/9/2022
SEP/14/22 MegaDomnicron Watch
Crux Cross And The Crackpot Discuss The Postmodern Funerary Cult: Lancaster, Pennsylvania, May 2
SEP/12/22 Yeti Season
Don Quotays And The Crackpot Discuss Gaia’s Frigid Season And The Grey God’s Return: 5/4/2022
SEP/05/22 Mammy Train
From Chicongo To Saint Louis: Saturday, 4/9/2022
SEP/02/22 Cornfed
From Chicongo To Saint Louis: Friday, 4/7/2022
SEP/02/22 BTG Photo Pack
Screenshots Of The 2015 BTG Project
SEP/01/22 Closing Time
Drunk In Chicongo Friday Night/Saturday Morning, 4/7/2022
AUG/31/22 Kangs Of Chicongo
From Denver To Chicongo: Thursday, 4/6/2022, Part 2
AUG/30/22 Kang Of Da Rails
From Denver To Chicongo: Thursday, 4/6/2022, Part 1
AUG/29/22 Queen Of Tats
Into The Gaslight: Falling In Lust With The Enemy: Denver, Wednesday, 4/5/2022
AUG/23/22 Writing On Old U.S. Route 40
A Denver Writing Spot: Sunday, April, 3 2022
AUG/22/22 ‘Because I’m That Bitch’
Living Downstairs From Homos: Denver, 4/2/2022
AUG/19/22 RTD
Experiencing A Functional Mass Transit System: Denver, 4/1/2022

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