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Man TV?
Testosterone Positive TV Shows
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Counter-programming for night shifts?
Sun, Jan 28, 9:18 AM
to james, me
Been reading your stuff for a bit now. I'm a security guard - Mall Cop, not Roadhouse - and often enough I'm doing 8-12 hours alone at night in a big empty building. I try to read, but after a while headaches kick in and I gotta watch something to keep awake the rest of the shift.
Obviously, I'm not tripping over myself to watch modern shows like She-Hulk and The Santa Clarita Diet. I'm like your "Man Movies" list, I'll work my way through that. What you thinking for shows, though? Kojak seems like a decent first choice, but I'll let the guy who actually knows about this shit be the one to tell me what's what.

Eesh, sorry for taking so long.
There was a time when i watched TV, in the early 1970s, when i was 10 and 11 and had just learned how to read. The two books read the most were the TV Guide and dictionary.
Off the top of my damaged IQ i can recall, as not being gay, retrospectively:
#1. The Rifleman, just a father, son & gun. The first episode starts out with the Book of Job
#2. The Night Stalker
#3. Killdozer, a TV movie
#4. Tarzan with Ron Elly
#5. Steve McQueen in a Tv series where he wears a sawed off Winchester in a holster
#6. Combat, with the Kraut bunker on the hill being the best, a double episode i think
#7. Daniel Boone with Fess Parker, which i was the only family member to like
#8. Sanford and Son with Red Fox.
#9. Canon, about a really fat private eye who tackles bad guys!
#10. Reaching here, not feeling much man TV still in the memory banks...
What the hell, Planet of the Apes, the TV series—I loved it at age 13, my last TV show, and had no idea what it portended...
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Barry Bliss     May 7, 2024

I recall Mannix.
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